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Winter is Here in the “Game of Thrones” Universe

Ibrahim Jibrell Contributing Writer

“Game of Thrones” season eight debuted on April 14. It starts in symmetry with the absolute first scene of season one, yet rather than The Lannisters touching base at Winterfell, it’s Daenerys and  her band of guides, including her trusted advisors and dragons, Jon Snow, and a multitude of Unsullied.The episode starts with a clashing gathering with the Stark family, and a somewhat tense situation among Sansa and Daenerys. The Lady of Winterfell stays wary of the Dragon Mother’s rightful claim to the Iron Throne. There is a saying in Game of Thrones that all men must die, and this unpleasant concept remains constant for a good amount of the series. Miguel Sapochnik and his team will have returned to coordinate two episodes in season eight, episode three and episode five. He was in charge of directing the “Hardhome” episode in season five, and the last episode “The Winds of Winter” in season six (which won an Emmy) with the goal that it is going to be great. He definitely realizes how to shoot a noteworthy action scene. TV veteran David Nutter has returned to do episodes one, two, and four. The exceptionally critical last scene is going to be directed by show-runners DB Weiss and David Benioff and this will be the first occasion when they’ve helmed a scene of the show.

It’s set to be an epic finale, especially considering one fight grouping took 55 straight evenings to film, that is more than twofold that of the past greatest battle (the Battle of the Bastards, which took 25 days). It is sure to be genuinely epic. As per a note to the cast and team from Jonathan Quinlan, it was recorded at more than three different locations, for 11 weeks, and it was said that there will be no ending like it. This seems to be similar to the last fight among mankind and the White Walkers. There also will likewise be a sprinkling of new faces this season. Viewers have been waiting for winter to come and it has finally arrived.

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