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Ruth Gowitzke   News Editor

On Aug. 26, there was a Capital Projects University meeting that summarized the major projects that were being conducted on campus such as the renovation of Goddard and more renovation that will be done throughout the semester.

Shafer Hall was originally constructed in 1946, which makes this one of the oldest buildings on campus, making the construction of the building long overdue. The construction of the building began August 17, 2018.  It now features a new loft-style suite with single apartments that has kitchenettes, a sitting area, breakfast bar, and a loft area for bedroom furniture. This building also has an occupancy of 91 students with three and four-person suites. These suites have private bedrooms, kitchens, a separate bath, and toilet facilities. That Harry Hope Theatre which was a major part of the building with be renovated for recreation space which will be available this fall.

In addition, the building also includes a large game room/lounge, a kitchen lounge where students can gather and cook group dinners, computer rooms, study rooms, and meeting rooms. Mechanical updates were also added such as new electric systems, plumbing, sprinklers, and data, new windows, doors and roof. Also, Goddard Hall, much to everyone’s relief, has finished renovation as well.

Goddard Hall’s new features include a new Kinesiology lab that has an interactive wall and AV systems. The building also has new single-pane windows and building skin improvements which have increased the buildings energy efficiency. The labs in the building also include a Psychology Suite that has six labs. There were also new HVAC, plumbing, sprinklers and heating systems installed. Along with the classrooms, student resident halls were also updated

Low Rise had a small renovation which included the replacement of the exterior stairs to the 100 and 200 buildings. The center courtyards now have a central plaza with seating, new lighting and new plantings. Noble Hall has had masonry restoration, and the roof replacement is scheduled to be completed in October. Burnap and Crandall hall are also having masonry restoration, as well as roof replacement which as scheduled to be completed in October, so the long bars that are surrounding the building should not be there too long. Burnap and Crandall also had flooring replacement done, as well as High Rise, which was last renovated in 2000. Student bedroom flooring was also replaced in Occum Hall, removing old carpet and replacing it will vinyl plank flooring.

Lastly, Webb Hall has had manhole replacement outside of the hall that was completed over the summer, and the sidewalks were restored. The Wayfinding signage will also begin to be refurnished and the Child and Family Development Resource Center will be painted on the exterior.

Considering the rapid changes made to the university, students are enjoying a much more pleasant atmosphere, changes should be expected in the future that would make the university grow.

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