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Pennywise is Back in “It: Chapter Two”

Aaron Hostetler   Staff Writer

The second part of the story that began with the hit 2017 film “It” is finally here. “It: Chapter Two” is the new horror film that is based on the famous book by the legendary author, Stephen King. This film delivers even more creepy scares and disturbing scenes than were present in the first film, and ultimately brings the story to an end.

Due to the fact that the book is 1,138 pages long, it makes sense that the novel should be split into two movies, especially since it covers two parallel storylines. The first storyline was covered in the first movie, and takes place in 1989, when the characters are kids. This film covers the other storyline about when the same characters are adults.

The story picks up twenty-seven years after the events of the first movie. The danger starts again as the supernatural phenomenon known as It, returns to the town of Derry, Maine, to terrorize the community in the form of the circus clown known as Pennywise. As several adults and children begin to go missing again, the seven members of ‘the losers club’ need to reunite in Derry to honor their blood oath they made as children, and stop the terror for good.

The film continues the excellent character depth that was established in the first film. All of the new actors do a terrific job at playing the older versions of the characters we already know. James McAvoy, Jessica Chastain, Jay Ryan, and Bill Hader are great at playing Bill, Beverly, Ben, and Richie. You really believe that these actors are the same people we knew in the first movie. Bill Skarsgard returns as Pennywise, and did a great job at playing the scary murderous clown that preys on your worst fears.

The movie also continues its set of creepy and somewhat disturbing sequences that are seen in the first film. Many of the jump scares you can see coming, but they are done in a very creative way. The violence is dark and a bit disturbing at times, as Pennywise racks up the body count, and all of the characters worst fears come back to haunt them once again. The fact that this movie is the conclusion to the story also adds to the suspense because you don’t know if everybody will make it out alive.

The movie also drags a bit at times. With a runtime at almost three hours, it is a little slow halfway through. However, with such a long book to adapt and so many characters to keep track of, you can understand why. There are also a lot of scenes that refer back to the first movie, so you should definitely watch that before seeing this.

The story has a complex narrative, with characters that have different personalities and their own sets of personal traumas that help you connect with them. These are the themes that set “It” higher than your average horror movie, and is what makes Stephen King so great at storytelling (the author himself even makes a cameo in this movie).

Overall, “It: Chapter Two” is a good film that is in my opinion almost as good as the first movie, and is for the most part very entertaining. If you like horror movies, and are a fan of Stephen King’s works, or the first “It” movie, then this movie is worth checking out. It is a solid adaptation of the novel and tells a story of a group of friends who need to work together to overcome their own fears and traumas to defeat the terror. It provides a good and emotional ending to the story and will be regarded as one of the better horror adaptations of a Stephen King novel.

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