Students Benefit from Etiquette Lunch

Ruth Gowitzke   News Editor

On Sept. 13 at noon, in the Johnson Room of the J. Eugene Smith Library, seniors were invited to attend an etiquette lunch organized by the Center for Internships and Career Development (CICD), where they would learn the do’s and don’ts of a business lunch or a professional interview. There were appetizers, the main course, and a dessert. Each course was provided by the CICD and was expertly put together. The first course included a spinach salad with toppings such as strips of bacon. The second course was chicken on a bone with a cornmeal side underneath and red pepper dressing on the side. The last course, the dessert, included a crème brulee cheesecake with raspberry dressing and a blackberry to top it off.

Some of the skills that students learned was how to properly set a table if they were to host the lunch. The presenter also pointed out that  one should hold always hold the glass with their left hand, to ensure they do not spill on the person sitting next to them.

Another important part of a business lunch was that students should not order anything that they would use their hands to eat with, such as a hamburger. One should also inspect the menu before arriving, so that they can be prepared to order and not take too long deciding. “[This program] helped refine small skills you may have forgotten”, said senior Jessica Allyn, “The small things you may have overlooked.”

Matthew Dausey, one of the members of the Employer Advisory Board, talked about how  this lunch benefited students: “[It’s] a great opportunity for students to gain experience having a business meal. I think that there’s more times than you realize where you find yourself in a situation when you need to have a productive meeting while dining in a professional setting.”

Mr. Dauser and  other members of the board were there to network with students who were interested in their respective fields. Some of these fields included accounting, medicine, television and social work.

Senior Jessica Allyn said to have benefited greatly from speaking with some of the board members. “I learned to ease up and talk to employers, ask more in depth questions, and talk in a more comfortable setting,” she said.

Even though this event was only an hour and a half long, students were able to learn valuable skills and meet with potential employers that could help them in the future.

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