What’s New About the New iPhone?

Ruth Gowitzke    News Editor

With the announcement of the new iPhone to be released Sept. 20, 2019, Apple fanatics may be wondering what this new phone has to offer.  At first glance, people can clearly see the difference in its design.

One of the three different versions of the new smart-phone, the iPhone 11 Pro, has three cameras on it while the iPhone 11 only has two cameras, all which has different functions. According to Apple, there are also a wide variety of new colors for the phone, such as purple, yellow, green ,and red.  The colors that the iPhone 11 Pro comes in are midnight green, silver, space gray and gold. There are also new possibilities with the edition of more cameras on the device.

As stated by Apple, there are more opportunities to take unique photos with all three cameras. Users can take photos from wide to ultra-wide, allowing them to capture more in their photos. There is also a night mode on the cameras that allows for the smart-phone  to capture pictures in low lighting. This is a big change to how the phone will be able to be utilized. In addition, the portrait mode of the camera also includes more lighting controls. For instance, making the photo brighter or dimmer.

However, one of the most prominent features for the new iPhone is the introduction of what Apple calls a “slofie.” This is a feature where you can take a selfie but instead of just a picture, it is also a video in slow motion.

According to, the worldwide company also decided to highlight the water resistance feature that this new phone is capable of. The iPhone 11 is water resistance down to two meters of water for 30 minutes, while the iPhone 11 Pro is water resistant down to four meters for 30 minutes.

Also, on the more technical side of the iPhone, the iPhone Pro Max is said to have the fastest CPU (Computer Processing Unit) of all phones and is said to have a faster charging rate and longer battery life. The iPhone 11 Pro and the iPhone 11 are also said to have the “fastest chip ever in a smart-phone.” It is called the A13 Bionic. These are just a couple of the new technological features that this new phone has to offer.

As reported by Apple as well, The differences between the iPhone 11 and the iPhone 11 Pro are not very different. The iPhone 11 Pro is said to have 18 hours of battery life as opposed to the iPhone 11 which has 17 hours of battery life.

Whether or not people decide to purchase either of these models, these devices have become more advanced and unique over the years. Now, it’s just time to wait to see what Apple will do next for next year’s new phone.

Purchasing options and more information about this new device can be found at There have already been several reviews of this product posted on social media, and there’s just a few days before the phone is officially released.

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