Give Thrifting a Chance

Johana Vazquez   Advertising Manager

Thrifting, or buying second-hand clothing, is a cheaper and more sustainable alternative to buying newly made retail clothes. Sustainability is the new fashion. As more and more people are becoming eco-conscious, thrifting has become a new trend. I remember a time when there was a stigma around thrifting as if it was only for the lower class. No one wanted to wear hand-me-downs. I admit I was even against it until a couple of years ago. My mindset changed when there were so many reasons to NOT hate thrifting. It’s good for the earth and your pocket! Fashion is one of the most polluting industries in the world. CO2 emissions, the tons of water use, and textile waste all play a role in the fast-paced industry’s effect on the environment. You’re giving clothes a second-chance from being thrown in a landfill. The average person can save hundreds a year by buying second-hand and consignment stores rather than retail. As a college student, looking cute on a budget is the move.

Thrifting has become so popular that if you go on YouTube and search up “thrift”, you will find a crazy amount of new thrift challenges, thrift hauls, and thrift flip videos. There has been many influencers and aspiring influencers who are jumping on the train of thrifting. Something about finding and/or fixing up vintage/name-brand clothes for cheap is so appealing to viewers. I mean it’s for the aesthetic really, but it’s also really entertaining. I love seeing people get good deals and helping the planet. People I watch who have been doing this for awhile are best dressed and Haley’s Corner. I have also started watching Stephanie Vega, a vibrant Latina who advocates for body positivity. They provide viewers with tips for thrifting and styling thrifted clothes. It’s something to check out if you are interested in jumping on the train too.

I love thrifting! Sometimes you get lucky and even find name-brand items in new condition with tags that were donated to the thrift store. Sure, it might take a few hours and a lot of rummaging through old clothes, but in a way, it is almost like treasure hunting. You never know what you are going to find. No joke, I once found a yellow champion sweatshirt for $5. Thrifting has even evolved so that you can buy thrifted clothes online! ThredUp is one of the leading websites reselling high-quality branded and unique items; it is often advertised by YouTubers. I have yet to try it out because it is a little pricer than going to a physical thrift store, but I am planning to. Another online store I have run into is Goodfair. This one I have tried out and is rather different. Goodfair surprises you with the type of item you are looking for rather than letting you select it. It’s a pretty cool concept. I ordered two windbreakers, gave them my recommendations, and they sent me two colorful retro-looking ones. One of them was Nike and had a few stains, but after some stain-remover and a good wash, it was good as new! I highly recommend giving thrifting a chance!

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