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‘Mario Kart Tour’: Fun but Flawed

Ruth Gowitzke     News Editor

On Sept. 25, 2019, “Mario Kart Tour” was released on mobile. Fans of the Mario games were excited to see what this game had in store. After playing the game for a few days, it is a quality game but some improvements can be made. Here are some of the strengths and weaknesses about this new racing game:

Frequent Updates– Every couple of days or so, the game updates with new cups to try to get that feature a different character. For example, some of the first few cups include the Mario Cup, the Donkey Kong Cup and the Yoshi Cup. The newer cups include the Daisy Cup, Shy Guy Cup, and Baby Mario Cup. Each cup comes with four different races where you try to get the highest score on. Each score corresponds with a star and the player is tasked to get five stars to complete the course. However, in order to unlock the new cups once they are released, the player must have enough stars from previous courses.

Repetition of Courses– One of the downfalls to this game is that even though the player is provided with new courses every couple of days, the courses tend to repeat themselves. Due to this, there doesn’t seem to be as much new content as the game makes you think there’s going to be. For example, one of the first courses is called New York Minute T, which is driving through one of the worlds in “Super Mario Odyssey.” However, in another cup, there is a course called New York Minute R, which is basically the same course with a slightly different name. There are also some courses that combine two courses together, which makes it slightly more interesting, but not by much.

Power Saving Mode– There is an option on the game where you can change the settings to have the power consumption reduced. This is helpful in preserving the battery of whatever device the player may be using so that when you are done playing, the battery would preferably not be dead. This was a problem of users of the app “Pokémon Go,” because it would use a lot of phone battery in a short amount of time. The only drawback to this mode, is that the player will not have a map on the side of the screen to see the other players behind them. Also, the characters will look grainier than normal, as well as the course itself.

No Luigi– When you load the game up, there is a picture of some of the characters that you can play as, and next to Mario is Luigi. However, when you get into the game, Luigi is not listed as a playable character. There are three different versions of Mario, but no Luigi. This proves to be a continuity error within the game. Hopefully, he will be included in one of the major updates.

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