The First President’s Breakfast of Fall 2019

Vincent Knox    Editor-in-Chief

The first President’s Breakfast of the semester was held on Tuesday, Oct. 1, 2019 in the President’s Dining Room at Hurley Hall. These breakfasts are a way for the administrative staff to connect with student led groups on campus and have a dialogue about important topics concerning the University.

The first thing discussed at this meeting was the construction going on around campus. President Nuñez spoke about how the construction works, stating that they are set to begin the day after students leave and be done the day before they return. If things do not go as planned because of some unforeseen complication, the result is something like what we see now with Burnap and Crandall. She told us that with these two buildings issues arose, losing them an entire month of work.

The brickwork and scaffolding should be gone in late October and the buildings should be done sometime in November.

Shafer hall is also still currently undergoing work. The Auditorium should be done by the end of October and the Gymnasium by the spring semester. President Nuñez also pointed out that unless people begin to go to the Shafer café, it will close due to a lack of sustainable income. Noble Hall’s construction projects should be done in a couple of weeks.

The next point of discussion was the mandatory “Not Anymore” training. Everyone who completed the full training last year is now required to do a refresher course. The refresher course is designed around consent and details the signs of an unhealthy relationship versus a healthy one. As of the President’s Breakfast, 98 to 99 percent of first year students living in residence halls have completed the training, while 78 percent of the overall population of first year students have. Only 26 percent of all upperclassmen have completed the refresher course, which means that there are still many who need to do so. 77% of athletes have completed the training. It is important that the students and staff of the University stay informed and educated when it comes to serious topics like those of consent and sexual harassment.

Discussing the safety of the campus continued into the final talking point of the administrative staff: LiveSafe. LiveSafe is an app that allows users to report on unsafe situations, even anonymously, regardless of where they are on campus. Think of it as the power of the blue emergency posts in your pocket. It also has a feature where you can alert your friends as to where you are if it is late at night and you need to walk across campus. Since the apps launch on campus, some students have been concerned that the administrative staff would somehow have access to their phones through this app and be able to keep track of them. This is a false rumor. No one will be keeping tabs on you unless you have shared your location with them and have authorized them to do so.

The final part of the breakfast was the SGA Report. They told us about the SGA elections and a transportation survey that will be going out.  There is also a push for Open Educational Resources (OER) being made. This would allow copyright material to be available for students to use, lessening the burden to buy multiple expensive books for classes. This initiative has been successful in the community colleges it has been tested and would be appreciated if put into place here.

The next President’s breakfast will be on Wednesday, Nov. 6, and will likely update us on a few of the topics discussed. Other events include a Major and Minors Fair on Wednesday, Oct. 16 from 2 p.m. to 4 p.m. in the Betty Tipton Room (BTR) and the President of Connecticut State Colleges and Universities visit on Thursday, Oct. 17, at 1 p.m. in the Student Center.

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