A Piece of Willimantic: A Cupcake for Later

Johana Vazquez   Advertising Manager   

In the past, I have reviewed restaurants in the Willimantic area. This time I chose to review A Cupcake for Later, the dessert shop on Main Street., and talk with the owner. I love cupcakes, but you have to admit that not all of them taste the same. I went so I could try a cupcake with a friend. There were so many flavors to choose from: chocolate-covered strawberries, pumpkin caps, lemon creme, and more. If you know me, you know I’m indecisive so it was a hard choice. It finally came down to either dark chocolate Mississippi or Hot chocolate. I ended up choosing hot chocolateand so did my friend.

After we bought our cupcakes and our coffees, we went to go sit in the rather quaint and charming sitting area. The green walls were covered in pictures of cakes and cupcakes, motivational signs, and home-y decor. The atmosphere was great for unwinding and enjoying the company of a friend and some yummy cupcakes.

Now, the cupcakes: they were great! It was a nice moist and very chocolatey cake with a marshmallow filling and topped with whipped cream. It was way better than anything I could have bought already made and packaged at a grocery store. Sure, a little pricier than store-bought, but it was worth every penny. My cupcake was gone in two minutes.

“I lived in Windham most of my life so it only made sense to support our own town,” said Cheryl Preston, the owner of A Cupcake for Later. In 2008, Preston was unemployed when the food company she worked for closed its Connecticut office. She saw it as a chance to take a risk and start her own business. “When I started, cupcakes were just starting to get really big and we only had like two or three cupcake shops in the whole state of Connecticut. So, I said, let’s give it a try!” I always find it admirable when a small business is able to sustain itself and compete against major companies and corporations these days. Sometimes it is hard for small, family-owned businesses to still make an impact. When I asked for her opinion on it, Preston commented that it depends on the business. “I think if you have specialty items and foods, yes. If you have the same old thing that you can get from any store or online, then probably not.” When the shop opened, six other businesses opened in Willimantic within the same week, but only two of those remain. A Cupcake for Later has been around for more than seven years.

Surely, someone who is constantly trying out new delicious desserts and smelling fresh-baked aromas must have a favorite cupcake. When asked for hers, Preston said, “Today, I would probably have to say– and it depends on the season too– the pumpkin caps and dark chocolate Mississippi mud.” If you always wondered what dark chocolate Mississippi mud tastes like, today would be the day to go try it at the cute little cupcake shop down the hill on Main St.

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