A Night With Bad Bunny

Johana Vazquez   Advertising Manager

CAB sold tickets to students to go see Bad Bunny in concert on Oct. 26th in Bridgeport, CT. For those of you who do not know, Bad Bunny is a huge deal in Latin Music. If you ask me, he is leading the scene in Latin Trap and reggaeton. The tickets were scheduled to be sold at seven in the morning at the Student Center. Students were already camped out by three during freezing temperatures.

While I am not a Bad Bunny diehard, I heard his concerts were an experience, so I was ready to buy a ticket. One thing is to go to a concert to watch an artist perform their music and another to be completely immersed in the performance just as if you were on stage with them. I was most excited to hear his famous low baritone voice everyone (me, I am everyone) likes to mimic, live. My first inclination into how I knew the concert was going to be like something I’ve never been to was the Bad Bunny bracelets sitting on every seat. The bracelets would later turn on when the concert began. Lights of every color would beat with the music. How cool is that? That being said, the concert started an hour and a half late, which I admit made me a bit impatient. I was worried that the concert would be shorter, but, thankfully, that was not the case. The concert was also the first one I’ve been to where the stage was at the center of the arena. I loved that because Bad Bunny felt so much closer.

I had many expectations. For instance, I expected the concert to be energetic, but I could not imagine the level of energy that I was to experience. Bad Bunny killed it. I’m honestly amazed at how he went through the whole show with minimal water breaks. You could feel the buzz of everyone’s energy as the beat dropped and they sang along to Bad Bunny’s rapping/singing. It was surreal. I was also expecting great visuals, and surely enough, his crew delivered. The screens showed vibrant, colorful graphics, and images. Lasered lights helped set the stage it moved around. Fires would shoot out of the stage at times. The backup dancers were not distracting but enhanced the stage’s visuals and the energy of the show.

He talked quite a few times to crowd, mostly to hype everyone up.  Surprisingly though, Benito (Bad Bunny’s real name) was incredibly humble. He repeatedly thanked the crowd for supporting him, especially the ones who have been there since the beginning. I admit to having a preconceived stereotype for trap artists as being stand-offish and hyper-masculine. He was genuinely grateful. It makes sense once you learn that only a few years ago Bad Bunny was back in Puerto Rico bagging items at a grocery store, in school, and posting his self-made work on Soundcloud before he got picked up from a label. I found it rather odd when he talked about opening your “third-eye,” but other than that, I really liked how he took a minute to recognize the individuals from Latin American countries who attended the concert. He reminded everyone to be proud to be Latino. Would I go see Bad Bunny again? Yes, without a doubt. The man put on an incredible show wearing a tracksuit the whole time. Legendary.

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