CAB Hosts Spongebob Themed Late Night Event

Ruth Gowitzke   News Editor

On Oct. 25, the Campus Activity Board (CAB) hosted a late-night event called “Are You Ready?” This event was made around the theme of our favorite sea sponge: Spongebob Squarepants.

There was a plethora of things to do at the event, such as play Eels and Escalaters which is Spongebob’s version of Chutes and Ladders. Spongebob played this game with Patrick in an episode from season two titled, “Sailor Mouth.” Another activity students could participate in was to answer trivia about different episodes or just facts about the characters themselves. If a student wanted to get more creative, they had the opportunity to make a Flying Dutchman flag inspired by the Flying Dutchman character himself.

In addition, students could take pictures with their favorite characters as well, as there were cut-outs of different characters, and props to put on for fun. This area was titled, “Picture Day,” alluding to Spongebob’s own time in boating school. An extra bonus of attending this event was the chance to win a painting of Squidward from the season two episode, “Artist Unknown.” Students could also sing karaoke Spongebob songs in the Student Center Café.

There were also two different food options that students could choose from which included Krabby Patties, which are a staple of Spongebob history, and Goofy Goober ice cream. Students had a variety of different flavors to choose from, including chocolate, cookies and cream, strawberry, and vanilla.  They could also put cherries, whipped cream, oreos, sprinkles and or fudge on their icecream.

Several students also shared what their favorite Spongebob episodes and songs were. Blayne Wanner-Hyde, a sophomore, said her favorite episode is “Best Frenemies,” and her favorite song is “Best Day Ever.” Beth Gowitzke, a senior, said that her favorite episode is “Pizza Delivery” and her favorite song is “The Krusty Krab Pizza” song. Amanda Hefferenn, also a senior, said that her favorite episode is “Rollar Cowards,” and her favorite song is “Goofy Goober Rock,” which is based on the 1984 song “I Wanna Rock.” Another student, Chris Dibaccor, who is a freshman, said that his favorite episode is “Survival of the Idiots,” but he does not have a preference with a favorite song. Keith Davis, a junior, also had the same answer. Finally, junior David Robinson said that his favorite episode is “Chocolate with Nuts” and his favorite song is “Campfire Song.”

All of these episodes were from the earlier seasons of Spongebob, where Spongebob is now on its 12th season. Spongebob may continue to entertain audiences for a long time.

Be sure to attend the next CAB late night event which will occur on Nov. 15. This event will be celebrating the 130th birthday of Eastern!

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