Eastern Students Celebrate Halloween

Eric Warner   Staff Writer

Spooky season is here. With Eastern Connecticut State University being such a diverse campus, here are some ways people celebrate the end of October. Since Halloween is here, I decided to ask students around on campus how they celebrate All Hallows Eve in the past and here at Eastern. I asked each student three questions: what is their favorite candy, their favorite Halloween memory, and what activities they were planning on doing this Halloween. They said the following:

Tristan Perez


New Media Studies

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“I love Twix because it has a delicious combination between chocolate, caramel, and cookies. My favorite Halloween memory was going trick or treating with friends every year back in elementary and middle school. We got as much candy as possible and hung out afterwards. I plan on being Miles Morals (Spider man) and going out with friends to like a bar or something and having a good time.”

Kyle Harper


Health and Physical Education

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“I love M&Ms. Since I have gotten older, I developed an affinity for chocolate. I remember going to a local school with my mom for “trick or trunk”. “Trick or trunk” was an event held at my old school where cars are placed in a school parking lot and their trunks would be open with candy in it. It’s kind of like regular trick or treat run in a neighborhood, but instead of houses, it’s with cars! On Halloween my HPE 363 class is performing a flash mob. Oddly enough though, we’re not dancing to a Halloween song but instead the song we’re dancing too is “The Git Up” by Blanco Brown.

Rachel Bodabilla


Historical & Social Sciences

                                                      Rachel Bodabilla .JPG

“3 musketeers bars are my favorite Halloween candy, but my general favorite is gummy worms. My favorite Halloween memory is probably from first grade when I was a ninja. My mom let me get a boys costume, so I wouldn’t have to be a pink one! This Halloween, I’m planning to stay in and watch a movie with friends. I’m not sure yet whether I’ll dress up, it depends on whether my dorm decides to hand out candy for trick or treaters.”

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