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‘It Might Be Time’ For You to Listen to Tame Impala’s New Single

Robin Blassberg    A&E Editor

On Oct. 28, Australian psychedelic music project Tame Impala released “It Might Be Time,” the newest single from their forthcoming album, “The Slow Rush.”

This single is their latest release since “Borderline” on April 12. Highly anticipated, the song is getting listeners excited and prepared for the new album, and both songs will be featured on it.

The track serves as somewhat of a rude awakening for growing older as Kevin Parker, the musician behind Tame Impala, belts out in the chorus, “You’re goin’ under / You ain’t as young as you used to be.” The title of the track is then introduced as a sort of a call to action, “It might be time to face it / You ain’t as cool as you used to be.” Listeners can also infer these revelations have an impact on not only the subject themselves, but also the subject’s relationships.

Parker revealed that as a whole, the song is about one’s “own inner paranoid thoughts telling them they’ve lost their mojo.” This concept is certainly portrayed through Parker repeatedly reminding the subject they are not as cool or as young as they used to be, and as a result, they “won’t recover,” throughout the chorus.

Uncertainty is introduced to the song with the phrase, “Something doesn’t feel right.” This lyric, and the theme of the chorus, is likely a reflection of Parker’s own inability to thoroughly enjoy his achievements. In fact, in an interview with Pitchfork, Parker revealed that he believes “Currents,” their extremely popular 2015 album, is “completely unlistenable.” He constantly battles his inner critic when making music, leaving him to never “feel right.”

This idea reverberates through the second verse, where he admits, “I finally got somethin’ goin’ / And suddenly / All my friends are growin’ up / And movin’ on / I must be missin’ somethin’.” The inner conflict then expands to his life as a whole besides his music in this verse, where he discusses his fear of missing out when looking at the lives of his peers. The second pre-chorus shines a hopeful light, with Parker claiming he “…just wants to keep this dream alive for now / Don’t they know, nothin’ lasts forever?”

In true Tame Impala fashion, thought-provoking and at times depressing lyrics are paired with upbeat and dance inspired instrumentals and Parker’s unique vocals. The song exists in a dreamy haze, with his voice singing to you making you feel as if you are dreaming. Drums are also a massive part of “It Might Be Time,” distorted sounding, and according to Parker, something that took him “a billion years to make.”

Tame Impala’s newest album, “The Slow Rush” comes out Feb. 14, 2020.

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