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Raymonn Adams Gives Inspiring Presentation at L.E.A.P. Event

Ruth Gowitzke   News Editor

On Oct. 29, the L.E.A.P. (Learn, Explore, Achieve, Perform) leadership program hosted Raymonn Adams, former NFL player, to give a talk on how to lead yourself before you lead others. Adams is a father, author and founder and CEO of two technological companies. He was also the first one in his family to graduate college. However, he did not start from the top. When he was young, he lived in a trailer with no electricity and was frequently met with hunger pains. Adamns stated that his mom was the main motivator in his life. Her words created a strong “self-talk” for him. That is what helped him get through the hard times and it still helps him today.

When he started to speak on his main topic for the hour, he outlined what he was going to talk about specifically, which was: the four characteristics of championship teams versus the mediocre teams. Coincidently, the acronym that he used to describe these characteristics spelled out “leap.”

The “L” in this acronym stood for leadership. One of the points that he made in this part of the presentation was “The leader knows how to inspire the group.” He also included a graph on another slide that talked about how leaders should be organized. On one side of the graph it showed an example of the “top down approach.” This approached emphasized that there was only one leader, and they were at the top, and everyone else at the bottom is expected to follow them. The other side of the image showed an example of a dynamic leadership which showed that there should not be only one person inside. Everyone should have a say into what is going on in the company or any other group-related project. In addition, Adamns also said, “Leaders are developed; you were born with all the attributes to be a leader, but you must develop it.” Another strong point that he made about leadership is that, “There is no leader that is perfect.” He continued this statement by saying that, “Leaders have a vision; they have a vision of where they are going.”

The second letter of the acronym, “E,” stood for “effort.” One of the things that Adamns said about effort was that there is no such thing as getting something for nothing. He said that you have to be committed to giving your best effort in everything. Another strong point that he made was, “You might have to get out of character to put in your best effort.” He concluded this discussion by saying that effort is one’s responsibility.

The “A” in the acronym stood for “attitude” which was, to him, the most important characteristic. He started out by saying that your attitude is a product of your belief. This was something that he had heard from another person and stuck with him ever since. Then, he continued his presentation by discussing why the lion is the king of jungle. Adams believes that is because of the lion’s attitute. “The lion acts the way he thinks; he’s not as big as an elephant or as smart as a snake. The elephant begins to act like a sheep, stricken with fear. The elephant is a victim of the way he thinks.” He continues with, “Everything about leadership is about mindset.” Adams also mentioned five things that control our success and failures during this portion of the presentation which include: behavior, feelings, attitudes, beliefs, and programming. He stressed that programming is one of the most significant aspects of these five.

The fourth part of the acronym, “P,” stood for “persistence.” He said that, “Without persistence you will have no drive to finish.” He also mentioned a triple “p” equation which was: passion plus persistence equals purpose. He said that this equation could be switched around in any way, and still carry the same meaning.

If you would like to learn more about Raymonn Adamn’s story, or other things he has worked on, simply visit his website: raymonn.com.

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