Spring Semester is Better

Robin Blassberg   A&E Editor

October brings two experiences I know I am not going to miss once I graduate college: midterm grades and registration. As you wince at your alarm waking you up minutes before 7 a.m., racing to your laptop and praying E-Web doesn’t crash, thoughts of glorious spring semester probably enters your mind. Spring semester is arguably better than fall semester for numerous reasons.

Although “Spring” in college begins mid-January, the weather of spring semester is the most important aspect of its superior status. Finally, the mornings get warmer and stay that way all day, and you don’t have to leave your 4-6:45 p.m. class in pitch black darkness. Walking to class, you find people sitting on the grass and at tables with friends enjoying the sun. As a result of this warmer weather, you can also be a spectator at many outdoor sporting events, such as baseball. The better weather also decorates campus in flowers and green grass, rather than dirt speckled snow and bare tree branches. College ending in May also leaves us fortunate enough to not be stuck here in the thick heat of the summer. Yes, you may sweat walking to finals, but it’s only for a few weeks. Better weather equals better mood, another reason pushing spring semester to the top.

It might just be me, but everyone’s mood seems to shift when it comes to spring semester. Smiles seem to be a little wider and laughs seem to last a little longer. No longer do students wake up to the sky still being dark. Eastern is riddled with positivity, rather than the gloom that looms over campus during the fall. This may also stem from a college student’s favorite thing: days off.

While spring semester is longer than the fall semester, everything is balanced out by the numerous days off sprinkled throughout the term. President’s Day weekend, Day of Reflection, and spring break save us, while all we get in the fall is Thanksgiving break (which is barely a break). We are also blessed with unplanned days off. The end of January and February, and sometimes even March, can still be filled with snow resulting in unexpected snow days.

The second semester also comes in with the built in motivation of summer and graduation, cheering us on to the end of another long year at Eastern. Keep pushing on everyone, soon the better part of the school year will be here.

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