Eastern Hosts Second President’s Breakfast of the Semester

Vincent Knox Editor-in-Chief

The second President’s Breakfast of the semester was held on Wednesday, Nov. 6, at Hurly Hall. The breakfast is meant to give the chance for students and administration to speak about what is going on at Eastern and provide any updates that may be needed.

The first topic on the agenda regarded the library. The university has plans to make the library into a more important place for students on campus. They plan to move more, if not all, student services into the library, and have even hired a library consultant to help with this endeavor. The university is even considering moving all of Webb 410 into the library, so nearly all the available computers will be in one place, making it easier for students to know the availability of what they need.

The next discussion was about the recent career fair and the controversy revolving the U.S. Customs and Border Control being in attendance. Many students were very unhappy about this and the university received quite a few complaints and backlash. As Eastern is a public university, refusing federal agencies allowance to campus events can have serious consequences, such as a lack of federal funding, which could affect financial aid. President Nuñez then made it known that she wishes for those with similar ideals to hers, regarding the situation, to penetrate the organization and change it from within, in order to make a difference in the country.

Following that, was a discussion about a new convenience fee that Eastern has put into place. Many other universities have this system, a fee of 2.85 percent whenever putting money onto your university card. This means that if you were to put $100 onto your express card, only $97.15 would be available for you to use. The removal of the ATMs from campus also came up, and it was revealed that they simply were not being used enough to keep around.

Student Diversity Training was the next topic on the agenda. There will be a PowerPoint presentation made by Eastern’s own Vianna Van, regarding diversity that students will watch. We also received data regarding the faculty breakdown of males/females and whites/ minorities as well as the student breakdown for these areas. While Eastern prides itself on being a diverse university, there is always more work to be done when it comes to accepting others. Look forward to Ms. Van’s presentation.

The final topic was on technology. The Eastern Help Desk will have more people answering the line and more hours if Webb 410 is moved to the library. The ability to change your password has become a faster process, which is known as a “security enclave” in place to protect all student information. In addition, multi-factor authorization will soon be kicking in across campus. The multi-factor authorization will only be required when not on campus. The wireless capacities of many of the halls are also being worked on or improved upon.

Look forward to more updates in the future!

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