Latinx Sensation Hosts Latinx Out event

Ruth Gowitzke News Editor

On Nov. 8, Latinx Sensation hosted an event, from 9 p.m. to 1 a.m., in the Student Center to celebrate Latinx culture. Before entering, students had to go through a metal detector and pay $5 to get in. At the event, there was a DJ who was played Latin music the entire night and there was a backdrop with roses and blue lights hanging down, where students could take pictures. Jesus Blanco, a senior, and President of the club, said that his favorite Latin song is “Te Extrano,” which is a song about two people who are in a relationship that miss each other.

In addition to the music there were also three different traditional Latinx drinks that students could try. The first one was called Jamaica Hibiscus. This drink had a similar taste to tea. The second drink next to that was called Horchata which was a drink with a mixture of rice and cinnamon milk. The third drink was called Tamarindo which was more of a fruity drink.

Yessica Lopez, a sophomore, and the public relations office for the club, talked about the overall purpose of this event. “Our club is a fairly new club and we want to spread awareness to others about the club. We want to bring people together from different backgrounds and experiences to learn more about Latin music and culture.” Lopez also mentioned that they are hoping to become more involved with different clubs.

Blanco also mentioned this event took a lot of planning, which he estimated to be two to three weeks, but to him, it was well worth the struggle. In addition, Blanco discussed how this event would have an impact on students who attended. He said, “We have students who may not be represented in this culture, and we want to bring more awareness to other students. We also want to create an open atmosphere for people who are a part of this culture and have fun in their own way.”

Next year, this club is planning an event to go to New York to a Hispanic museum.

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