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Tori Vega is Once Again ‘Making it Shine’ With ‘Victorious’ Added to Netflix

Aline Silva Contributing Writer

Here “Victorious” is, once again for fans to re-watch and share their nostalgia. On Nov. 1, Netflix added this show along with other Nickelodeon originals, such as “Sam and Cat” and “Fairly Odd Summer”, and it has fans, as well as the cast of the show, buzzing. Riley on Twitter tweeted, “now that victorious is on netflix I’m gonna start writing my tweets like tori vega posts on the slap. ‘Exam today. This SUCKS!!!!! How will I study?!? Mood: stressed.” The fans have even taken it to another level and started editing screen captures of the characters’ “The Slap” status updates. Victoria Justice, who plays Tori on the show tweeted, “‘Victorious’ was added to Netflix this week and it’s been so cool seeing you guys reminisce about when it first aired…” and added behind the scenes pictures taken during filming.

If you grew up without television or have been living under a rock, “Victorious” follows Tori Vega as she joins the eccentric students of Hollywood Arts High School to chase her dreams of becoming a singer. There she meets the other main characters of the show, Robbie (Matt Bennett), Beck (Avan Jogia), Cat (Ariana Grande), Andre (Leon Thomas III), and Jade (Elizabeth Gillies). They help her navigate the school and become her closest friends. Watching this show does bring feelings of nostalgia as the humor is set in a time where random culture was at its forefront. Hand in hand with “iCarly,” “Victorious” was a clear product of random culture. Random culture refers to people, usually teenagers, who do or say things unrelated to the topic or action at hand and/or jokes that do not adhere to any type of humor, which they perceive as funny. “Victorious” was built on this culture but embodied it in their characters, such as Cat and Sinjin Van Cleef (Michael Eric Reid). At the time the show came out, the random outbursts were the epitome of comedy for Nickelodeon, but they tend to stand out in a negative light while reminiscing its original debut.

It can be debated that Tori Vega is the least interesting person in the show, which could be the reason why she thought she was not going to fit in with the students at Hollywood Arts in the first place. She is the least talented despite the show pinning her older sister, Trina Vega (Daniella Monet), as the only untalented person at Hollywood Arts who tricked her way in. Cat Valentine played by Ariana Grande, 2019 Grammy winner for Best Pop Artist, has a limited amount of opportunities to showcase her talent on the show. As previously mentioned, she is typically used for her random outbursts, oddly placed comedic relief and harmonies. It is important to note the other talented singers on the show, Leon Thomas III is also a Grammy award winner and Elizabeth Gillies premiered on Broadway. Binge all three seasons of “Victorious” on Netflix to reminisce on the good old days of the early 2010s.

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