Like Everyone Else, I am in Love with Baby Yoda

Johana Vazquez Advertising Manager

Who is Baby Yoda? Baby Yoda is the name fans of Star Wars gave to an unnamed character in “The Mandalorian,” a Disney+ exclusive show. Is he actually Yoda as a baby? No. He just appears to be the same species as Yoda and that is why he has been dubbed with that name. He is incredibly cute and everyone is going crazy over him, even some who have yet to see the show or care little about Star Wars. The memes you have probably seen on Twitter by now do not give the little guy justice.

He is like two feet tall, makes baby noises, and has three small fingers on each hand. You almost want to feel mad at him for being so cute. I am a big fan of “Star Wars,” and I was interested to see what Disney would do with “The Mandalorian,” the first live- action “Star Wars” tv series. They definitely brought out the big guns with Baby Yoda and made him cute on purpose.

Baby Yoda practically steals the show from Mando. The plot so far is unfolding slowly. Four episodes in, still no one really knows who Baby Yoda is and why he is so important. It is frustrating, yet makes waiting for a new episode every Friday so exciting.

Will we find out more about Mando and Baby Yoda in this episode? Will I get to see more adorable clips of Baby Yoda? Yes and most definitely yes. People on the internet have been discussing whether Baby Yoda is cuter than baby Groot. While I see how some are torn on this, I’m with Baby Yoda. I get Baby Yoda can be a little ugly to some because of his fuzzy hair and green, wrinkly skin, but his big black eyes and long ears get me every time. There were claims that Disney was first taking the GIFs and pictures of Baby Yoda off the internet. He is kind of a surprise at the end of the first episode, and I get why Disney would want to keep Baby Yoda exclusive to those with Disney+, but I did not see the point to it. “He is like two feet tall, makes baby noises, and has three small fingers on each hand. You almost want to feel mad.”

They are back online, but Baby Yoda memes are basically free advertising for Disney’s new streaming platform. If anything, his cuteness will make people interested in buying the platform or watching the show. It’s a big win for Star Wars fans because it keeps the franchise relevant. Besides, Disney has nothing to worry about when it comes to losing money. You already know Disney is going to get as much possible capital from Baby Yoda merch. On that note, there have been some critiques that the merch Disney has released so far is under-whelming. Either way, I would not be mad if I received a Baby Yoda t-shirt, sticker, or a standard Baby Yoda Funko Pop figure anytime soon.

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