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Press Release: The Museum & Exhibitions class at Eastern Connecticut State University presents a December art exhibition, ‘Clothed & Exposed’

Janis Mink, PJ Jimenez, and Kassidy Charron Contributing Writers

DECEMBER 10th, WILLIMANTIC, CT –  The Museum & Exhibitions class at Eastern Connecticut State University presents a December art exhibition, ‘Clothed & Exposed’. ’Clothed & Exposed’ takes the viewer through the life cycle of clothing. The class will showcase the environmental impacts the clothing industry has on our world, such as the amount of water pollution that goes into making a single t-shirt, as well as the millions of child workers that are forced to make the clothes people purchase on a day to day basis. Together the class have been working diligently collecting clothes from many different brands and time periods, as well as researching the environmental, and social impacts big name clothing brands have on our planet. During the exhibition viewers will be able to walk through not only the process of making clothes, but also see the amount of effort put into the Clothing industry. The groups have been working very hard, and they cannot wait to show everyone at Eastern what they have been doing.

A few members from the class even visited a historical clothing collection to further our knowledge on clothing, so that we can educate our college campus even more. The class considered what is happening in the everyday lives of others on a global scale and  ultimately came the conclusion that the clothing industry effects that largest population they could think of: everyone. Given the act of wearing clothing is an element of everyday life for most people in the world, ‘Clothed & Exposed’ was curated with this idea in mind. Everyone wears clothes, and the Museums & Exhibitions class intended to make this exhibition one that viewers could relate to on a very personal level. Not only does everyone wear clothes, but an even more obvious fact, is that everyone lives on our planet Earth. ‘Clothed & Exposed’ intends to shed light on the practices of big name businesses in the Clothing Industry are who are actively doing harm to the planet. Many of these environmental damages may soon be irreversible, and ‘Clothes & Exposed’ intends to educated viewers about these harms in the hope that they will become more informed consumers as a result. will affect their consumer habits before “It’s time for everyone to become more educated about what we are wearing”.

“Clothed & Exposed” will be on display from December 9 through December 13, 2019 on the first floor of the Fine Arts Instructional Center, adjacent the large staircase. There will be didactic panels in the large windows in front of room 118, and the exhibition will continue into the display cases to the left of the windows. The Museum & Exhibitions class will hold and opening night reception on Tuesday, December 10th 2:30PM-4:30PM. Enjoy an evening of food and experience the lifecycle of a piece of clothing.. The class will also be accepting clothing donations during the event, which will be going to the Willimantic No Freeze Hospitality Center to help. those who do not have stable places to live in prepare for the upcoming winter weather. 

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