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Should We Still Go to Movie Theaters?

Jillian McGahan Staff Writer

Movie theaters have been around for ages. When you go there, you can spend countless of time watching movies with family and friends, eating popcorn and candy, and drinking a cold soda. However, this raises an interesting question: do we even need to go to the movie theater to have that experience?

If you want to spend time watching movies with your family and friends, you could simply do that in the comfort of your own home. Imagine being in your comfy pajamas, a warm blanket wrapped around you, and sitting on your couch watching a movie. Don’t you think that sounds more enjoyable than getting dressed, driving to a movie theater, getting in line to buy a ticket, and then walking to your seat?

Even if the thought of wearing pajamas doesn’t excite you, would you want to go through the hassle of going to a movie theater, especially if it’s raining outside? Poor weather is never fun. If your family or friends wanted to go out and do something, going to the movie theater could be a good option for a rainy day. Thinking about it, however, would anyone really want to leave their house if it is pouring outside? You could still watch a movie with your family and friends back home.

Besides thinking about comfort, take the cost into consideration; movie tickets are expensive. At times, they can cost over $10. You must also contend with huge crowds and long lines. It’s especially bad when you are in a large group and have to purchase a ticket for everyone. Renting or buying a movie would be a better option since they are cheaper. One ticket can cost between $4 and $6. The price doesn’t depend on the number of people watching the movie; it a lot easier for large families to rent movies at home, instead of going to the movie theater and buy tickets. Whether you rent or buy a movie, you can watch it more than once for less the price than movie theaters. Rented movies last for about 48 hours, and bought movies can be watched anytime for as long as you want.

Movie tickets aren’t the only expensive factor to take into account; we have to also think about the movie theater refreshments that are notoriously overpriced. There’s the chance you may be charged more than twice the normal price. While it’s nice being able to buy snacks and drinks at the movie theater, is it worth the price? Furthermore, it’s a pain when you decide to buy a snack during the movie and you end up missing part of it because you can’t pause it. If you watched a movie at home, you could pause it anytime to grab a snack or a drink.

Watching a movie in a movie theater can be both enjoyable and annoying. It could be fun and satisfying watching a movie with other movie-goers. Being with a large group of people can provoke a strong reaction when everyone laughs, cries, or screams. Yet, on the other side, it can get frustrating quickly. Some people end up talking on their cell phones or with their friends, and others may kick the back of your seat, spill food or drinks, or bring unruly children to the theater. Watching a movie at home would save you from all of those distractions and annoyances.

The movie theater experience is another point to consider. Seeing a movie on a huge screen makes it easier for us to catch every detail, and the surround- sound enhances our overall experience. However, unlike at home, where you have full control over your television, you can’t change the volume or brightness of the movie when it is playing at the movie theater; this could create an unpleasant experience if the movie’s volume is too high or too low, or if the picture is slightly blurry or too bright for your eyes.

The reason most people may enjoy movie theaters is that they show the newest and hottest films. It’s a blessing for those who don’t want to wait for the movies to appear on disc version or On-Demand. Even so, movie theaters typically only show new movies. You won’t be able to watch the older movies you desire or the classics. Instead, if you place a disc inside your DVD player or go to On-Demand, you could watch any movie you want. When you really think about it, watching movies at home is far better than going to the movie theater.

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