Victoria’s Secret Cancels Controversial Fashion Show

Marissa Starkel Staff Writer

It was recently announced by Stuart Burgdoerfer, Victoria’s Secret CFO, that the controversial fashion show will not be taking place this year. The fashion show has been aired on Television since 2001 and the reason for this year’s cancelation is due to the company attempting to rebrand. The company has been under fire for years for numerous reasons.

I believe that the cancelation of the fashion show is a step forward in the right direction. The company lacks little to no diversity and showcases mostly skinny, fit, white women. This sets unrealistic body expectations, especially for young girls watching the show or seeing advertisements.

Last year, former Chief Marketing Officer Ed Razek stated that the company would never hire a curvy or transgender model for the fashion show. He believes that these individuals cannot sell fantasy. The only attempt to create more diversity within the show was by adding 19 black models. Even then, the company still fails to include a wide range of diversity and does not accept all women. It’s quite apparent that the brand is not for body positivity or celebrating all the different and beautiful bodies that women have.

Each year, fewer and fewer people watch the fashion show and shop at the store. According to CNBC, sales have dropped 7% within the last year. Many individuals don’t want to support the morals that this brand has and turn to Aerie, which is very inclusive. Aerie is all about promoting all the different body types that women have. The brand has an entire campaign that features models of all different sizes, ethnicities, and disabilities. It’s important to them that they showcase the real and raw bodies of women without photo editing. Unlike Victoria’s Secret where models are forced to prepare all year to look perfect for the fashion show. Even then, these models are shamed no matter how hard they try to fit into those “standards.”

It’s time that Victoria’s Secret take some pointers from Aerie to celebrate all women rather than shaming them. There is absolutely no excuse for the actions and cruel statements that have been made by those a part of the brand. It’s always the men that are telling women how they should look in this industry. If more women had the opportunity to be executives than these issues likely wouldn’t be severed or exist. All women are beautiful regardless of what this brand and media try to make you think.

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