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Lil Wayne Returns with Dark New Album ‘Funeral’

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On Jan. 31, 2020, Lil Wayne released his newest album, “Funeral.” This came soon after his last album, “Tha Carter V,” in 2018, and was sure to surprise fans with its recent release. This album is unique in the way that it is named“Funeral” and when flipped upside down, the cover spells out Lil Wayne. “Dreams” was one of his more shocking songs for its intensity. In the chorus, he screams, “Thank God it was a dream.” The dark sounds of the song definitely threw many fans off to the point that the lyrics could not be focused on. When revisiting the song later, it became clear he basically had a dream where he lost all his fame and fortune but was glad that he was dreaming and still has the “American dream.” This definitely served as a relief. The loud yelling into the microphone is much different than his usual music that fans are used to. 

The best songs from this album would have to be between “Harden” and “Trust Nobody.”  

“Harden” has a lot of emotions to it and his word play is on point as usual. He says,“ You actin like you never been in love, like you just a tourist,” meaning she’s a foreigner in the love that they shared. He also talks about being at her wedding while he is at his funeral, in other words, their chapter ends in his book, but a new chapter begins for her. The listener can undoubtedly feel the pain he is experiencing through his lyrics. The old school tunes with modern day beats mixed together made the chorus flow with his verses and gave an overall feeling of numbing sadness. 

“Trust Nobody” also gives off a bit of sadness but more within your mind than with the love of someone else. In this song he discusses how nothing is going right for him and since he lost himself he doesn’t trust anyone, including himself. “If you’re out there in the streets and you’ve been lookin’ for me / when you find me, tell me, ‘I said I’ve been lookin for me,’” he explains in the first verse. It seems as if he lost himself completely to the point of no return, he clearly misses the old him but whatever changes were made in his life affected him in ways that he can’t go back to. Later in the song he says “I’ve been looking in the mirror, he doesn’t listen to me.” This conveys that whoever he is now doesn’t think about their actions before doing them and that’s probably why he doesn’t trust himself anymore. The beat is slow and then gradually booms when necessary. 

“Get Outta my Head” is definitely a creepy song. It was very intense with demonic descriptions of the things he can’t get out of his head. It made listeners concerned for him. It starts off with the late Triple X talking about abandoning religions and believing in ourselves. When Wayne spits his verse about voices in his head, waking corpses, horn sticking out of his head and a lot of other crazy things in his image, the song turns darker.  

“I Don’t Sleep” has this happy uplifting beat to it that just eases you like everything is gonna be alright. It is a little more casual than the rest of the songs aforementioned but that’s what makes it work. One of his verses talks about how he wins so much it’s like he is cheating. This is a very cool way to put how he doesn’t take any losses. This song would be perfect on the way to the beach or vibing out with some friends. 

Overall this was not the best Lil Wayne album, it was totally dark and sad. He talked alot about the drugs that he uses and how he doesn’t believe in God. He mentions how the cross looks like a lowercase t to him and that didn’t sit too well for me. Give his album a listen and judge it for yourself. 

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