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‘Sex Education’ Season 2 Review

Aline Silva Staff Writer

The sophomore season of Netflix’s show, “Sex Education” hit the streaming service last month after having fans wait a whole year since their first release in 2019, and it did not disappoint. “Sex Education” stars Otis Milburn, a sexually repressed 16-year-old finishing up his last years in school. 

Despite his personal issues, he has a keen ability of offering sexual and romantic advice to his peers thanks to his therapist mother. Otis partners up with a classmate, Maeve Wiley, to open up a sex clinic in school and make money by giving advice to their peers, so it is not surprising that chaos ensues. 

“Sex Education,” although a comedy, touches upon various taboo issues that many adolescent and young adults face, but are too embarrassed or ashamed to talk about. From abortion, to homophobia, to even the not-so-talked-about case of vaginismus, “Sex Education” discusses forbidden topics in a way that makes any adolescent feel more normal and less alone. Many of Netflix’s shows suffer in their second season because too many new characters are added and dilute the concept of the show, or the plot dictates the characters and they become different or less interesting. “Sex Education” does quite the opposite; the new characters are introduced to further develop the existing characters and deepen the relationships that are already present. The charming cast gets ever so more diverse in terms of sexual orientation, sexual health, disabilities and cultural backgrounds as they continue to add characters, so we can only assume and hope it will continue in season three. The second season continues to mix humor into more concerning topics that reel the viewers in and have you rooting for almost every character. If you plan on watching the new season of “Sex Education” expect to see characters grappling with sexual assault, drug abuse, and tentacle porn — it is safe to say Sex Education is still not for the faint of heart. 

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