The Chief’s Top Five Foods (For Now)

Vincent Knox Editor-In-Chief

Food is a large part of everyday life for all living things. The ways people make food can change over time and be based on where a group of people are from. The following is a list containing 5 of my favorite foods I have had so far. 

5) Beef Negimaki – Beef Negimaki is a Japanese dish that consists of scallions wrapped in beef that has been marinated in teriyaki sauce. The dish is also usually served with a side of rice. This has become my go to order when I’m at dinner and I always enjoy it. I usually try to make sure the piece I’m about to eat has enough sauce on it because I put the rice on top and eat it all together. It is very good and I recommend it to those who like beef.

4) Shepherd’s Pie – Shepherd’s Pie typically contains minced meat, mashed potatoes, and many different vegetables, making it a very tasty combination dish. I usually have it made with beef, potatoes, corn, peas, carrots, onions, and cheese. It is a dish I could have almost any day of the week because it is packed with so many ingredients that I enjoy.

3) Jambalaya – For those who do not know (probably most of you), I am a New Orleans native, so this had to make my list. This dish combines meats, usually andouille sausage, pork, or chicken, seafood, usually shrimp or crawfish, and rice. It is a very flavorful dish and oftentimes has some spiciness to it. The meat and seafood work well together and the rice helps bring all the flavors together. Authentic jambalaya always hits the spot.

2) Burritos – Burritos have been one of my favorite foods for a very long time. You can fill them with so many things that the possibilities seem almost endless! There are also variations on the burrito, like the chimichanga and taquito. All three of these rolled foods offer tastes I just cannot resist. Like steak? Put it in a burrito. Vegetarian? You can make some tofu and stuff your burrito with as many greens as you want. The burrito is truly a genius food that comes in such a simple, yet wonderous package.

1) French Fries – French fries have been, are, and will always be my favorite food. They are simple, easy to make, and highly customizable. You can add almost any flavor to them and enjoy them in many different forms. You have the straight-cut fry, a classic, the crinkle-cut, perfectly ridged, the steak, for those who like a little more potato to their fry, the curly, deliciously fun, the waffle, pushing the boundaries of fry creation, the smiley-fry, going beyond the boundaries, and so many more. The sheer number of ways you can cut the potato to make a fry is a testament to its dominance as a food. The versatility of the fry will never end, much like my love for fries.

Those were 5 of my top favorite foods. Maybe some of them are your favorites too? If not, I hope that you will go out and try them or try making them at home yourself! Feel free to let us know how our experience with these foods went, we love hearing from you.

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