The Things I Like About Winter

Jennifer Zuniga Opinion Editor 

Although my favorite season is fall, there are some things that I love about winter. As an out-of-state student from Atlanta, GA, I never had to worry as much as I do with Connecticut’s cold weather, especially during the wintertime. Being here for three years now, I have realized that the cold weather does have its perks. 

For starters, the cold weather is perfect for hot drinks such as hot chocolate, coffee, or even tea; that gives me an excuse to get drinks that i wouldn’t on a normal day during the hot-tempered weather. 

Secondly, the cute outfits. I love jackets, scarfs, boots, gloves, long socks, or even long sleeve shirts. This may or may not give me an excuse to go shopping, but come on… I love the accessories. If you told me years ago about all the accessories for winter wear, I wouldn’t know what to say.  

Furthermore, it gives me an excuse to stay inside all day. Perhaps even watch Netflix. I know some may say that is laziness, but let’s be real… sometimes all we want to do is stay inside wearing our pj’s. 

The winter season comes with a lot of holidays. For example, Christmas. It is a time to spend some time with your loved ones and an excuse to give to people.

During this season, we get plenty of days off from school due to special events or even snow days. This means one thing: more time to rest. 

It is sometimes hard to believe, but winter has its perks just like anything else. All it takes is to look at it in a different way. 

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