Living On Campus Rocks

Jennifer Zuniga Opinion Editor

I have heard more than once from students that living on campus is experience.  Although that is a valid point, I have also come to acknowledge that it amazing to stay on campus. You may ask, “why?” When you look at it, there is so much freedom in being away from home. They include the following: classes are closer, you will get the chance to get involved with the different clubs and organizations that the university offers, the resources offered by the university are more accessible, you will be able to network, and the events planned by the different clubs and organizations on campus are amazing.

Since your classes are in walkable distance, you will be able to sleep a few more minutes compared to a commuter. You can literally roll out of bed, brush your teeth, grab a to-go snack, and then go to class. This makes it easier to be on time for class, which will you become more successful as a student. 

As a residential student, you will be able to join the different clubs and organizations that the university offers because the meetings are on campus. This means that it will not require much of you to attend, therefore, you will have the opportunity to be active. Additionally, it will help you grow as a leader. 

Although the resources offered by the university are for every student, often times a commuter will not be willingly to utilize the resources to the best of their ability. The reasons could by that they are scared to ask questions, avoid staying on campus longer than they have to, have other obligations that they have to take care off outside campus, etc. This means that they are not able to get their money’s worth of attending the university.

Networking is important for a college student. While residing on your campus, you will be able to interact with people who you other-wise wouldn’t. They include: other residents, hall directors, residential hall assistants, office assistants, and duty assistants. The more people you mingle with, the more you will become comfortable with socializing. Plus, who knows but you might interact with your future boss. 

Besides being a student first, we are free to still the fun college experience. In fact, it is encouraged to get involved beyond your textbooks. Eastern Connecticut State University has over 90 clubs and has a few organizations who have a goal to enhance the college experience for the students that attend. An example will be UROC, University Residential Outreach Council, who plan events for the residents here at our campus.  Living on campus helps because you will be able to learn about the events quicker and are most likely to attend. You will be surprised on how fun they can be.  

Living on campus rocks. It is something that more students should take more advantage if they can finically afford it. It is something that will help you in the long run when it comes to networking with people. Living on campus allows you to get the full college experience.   


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