Spring Break in New England

Johana Vazquez Advertising Manager 

Although it would be nice to fly to the Bahamas or Florida for Spring Break, not everyone has that luxury. The good news is you don’t have to travel far to find a local getaway. While the weather is not always so nice, there is an advantage to living in New England. There are a lot of great cities and places condensed in this area. You also end up saving money because you’re not dropping hundreds on a trip to Miami or Orlando. Here are some places I think would make great getaways from the everyday sights of this campus or your hometown. 

Connecticut is in the middle of Boston and New York, two of the biggest and well-known cities in the United States. These places make great day trips or you could even book an Airbnb for somewhat reasonable prices for multiple nights. Booking an Airbnb, however, would be best if you’re traveling with multiple people so you can split it and save money. 

My favorite place to visit in Boston is the Boston Harbor as it has a beautiful view and free too! Imagine buying a lobster roll in the Quincy Market and having a picnic near the harbor. It’s the perfect New Englander experience. Other places to visit in Boston include Chinatown, Beacon Hill, and the SoWa arts and design district.  

 My favorite place to visit in New York is Los Tacos No.1, an authentic Mexican taco joint in the heart of Times Square. New York has so much to offer, too much for me to even mention in this article, so do your research! The best way to travel to New York is by train. Not only do you avoid awful traffic and stress maneuvering through exits, but you also get to sit back and enjoy the ride. The easiest way of doing this is parking your car at Fairfield Metro (free parking on weekends), purchasing a round trip mobile ticket on the MTA eTix app, searching through the TrainTime app for the next departing train, and BOOM, you’re in New York! 

If you’re tired of Boston and New York, there are other options too! Portland, Maine is merely three hours away from Willimantic. Portland is a quaint city heavy with Old English charm. You will be amazed by the redbrick cobblestones that make the city. Hipster, cute shops run along the famous Old Port area. I have only been there once, but I look forward to visiting it again. Riding the ferry when the sun was setting was an experience I will never forget. 

Even closer getaways are coastal cities like New Haven or Mystic, Connecticut. These places offer beach sights and unique experiences as well. New Haven has an area called Food Truck Paradise with worldwide cuisines. Mystic, a cute village and seaport, has an aquarium and the famous Mystic Pizza. There is something for everyone, even college students on budgets in New England this Spring Break. Find your place and go! 

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