How People are Spreading Love During the Pandemic

Ruth Gowitzke News Editor

Although the pandemic has created a lot of boundaries between people and how we are connecting with each other, there are still some that have taken the opportunity to spread a little love during these trying times. According to an article by Alisha Ebrahimji, who is a producer at CNN, some people are putting hearts on their windows to show their support for their neighbors, for essential workers, and many others who may be in need of some cheering up. In addition to hearts, there have been encouraging messages that people have put not only on their windows, but also their mailboxes as well.

There have been several Facebook groups according to Ebrahimji, which were specifically created for this reason. Two of these include, “Hearts in the Window” and “A World of Hearts.” These Facebook groups allow those not in their neighborhood to share their own hearts that they or their kids have made to further the spread of love across America through social media. 

Another way that the community has been trying to spread love by helping kids reach out to their teachers that they don’t get to see since schools are closed. On Mar. 30, in Ledyard, Connecticut kids all over the town made signs for their teachers to show their appreciation. Then, they stood outside that afternoon and watched as their teachers waved to them from their cars in a parade fashion. There were police cars that escorted the teachers around the neighborhood, so that everyone would know when to expect the teachers in their neighborhood. This sort of event has taken place across many parts of Connecticut from Montville to Litchfield.

In addition, Google has also provided their own support towards people who are working in the medical industry. When going to search something on Google, there will be a new doodle with a little heart that goes from the “g” in google and to the “e.” The “e” is dressed up like a doctor or nurse. Under the google logo it says, “to all doctors, nurses and medical workers, thank you.”

However, further work can be done to spread love throughout the community and throughout the world. In an article by Nancy Wartik from the New York Times, she discusses more ways that people can “help the helpers.” People should continue to follow the rules, such as maintaining the social distance order. She also said that it would be helpful for those workers if there were more masks available, as there is a huge shortage. Another important factor is that people should try to donate blood and provide unwanted food to those who need it. Furthermore, she talked about offering first responders a place to stay such as an Airbnb, and to just be there for those who need it. 

Be sure to check out the Facebook pages to see how your community may be showing support and watch out for more ways that you can help those who need it most in these unprecedented times.

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