Carole Baskin Needs to Be Held Accountable

Marissa Starkel Staff writer

Carole Baskin is well known from the new Netflix series, “Tiger King.” The entire internet is going crazy, making memes and accusations that she killed her husband, Don and fed him to her tigers. Although, with all of this coverage no one is discussing the truth about her animal “sanctuary” Big Cat Rescue. The truth is, she is no better than Joe Exotic regarding the exploitation of exotic animals. 

Big Cat Rescue’s mission states, “Our Mission is to provide the best home we can for the cats in our care, end abuse of big cats in captivity, and prevent extinction of big cats in the wild.” A large percentage of their tigers were bought from auctions, breeders or were born in their sanctuary, yet the conditions that these tigers would be put in makes us question their mission. She claims her organization was formed to save these animals, and give them a good life, but she is using her tigers as a profit. One way she makes a profit is by having people rent cabins that are in cages with the tigers so that they can be close to them. Guests get to feed, take pictures, and get a tour of the entire sanctuary

Carole claims she wants her tigers to have a normal life as if they were in the wild, but this much close contact to humans and the number of photos taken is not normal. The tigers were also declawed for the safety of themselves and the visitors. Declawing is cruel and extremely painful, especially because it is unnatural. In addition, Carole would take retired tigers from the Ringling Brothers Circus. On Carole’s part she thinks she looks like a good person by saving these tigers, but the reality is she is just giving this awful circus a place to put their tigers when they are no longer to perform.

These are only a few examples of Baskin’s hypocritical character, and it is critical that she is held accountable for her actions. She is able to put on a show for people and trick them into thinking that she genuinely has the best interest of her tigers. Wild animals need to stop being exploited and used for profit. 

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