Bravous Esports 2K20 Tournament

Fernando Jeronimo Sports Editor

Tuesday, Sept. 16, 2020, Bravous Esports ran by Campus Activity Board (CAB) hosted a NBA 2K20 Tournament for residents on-campus. The tournament was allowed to be played on PlayStation 4 or Xbox One and needed to be played on the NBA 2K20’s latest update. Players used Discord servers to communicate with the Tournament Organizer and to provide a way for players to communicate with each other. 

An hour before the tournament when live one Twitch the bracket for each console was made and posted on listed as “Eastern Conn State University 2K20 Virtual Esports Open Xbox (PS4).” For the match making to work both players would need to friend each other and navigate in the game to the “Play Now” section. After clicking it they would select “Play with Friends Online” and find their opponents gamer-tag. The rules for the game preparation had to be a Private much with the game style selected to Pro and quarter length at 4 minutes. Players could choose any team they wanted to play with but only could pick the current NBA team. Each console played three rounds and the winner was decided by best record with tie breakers based on number of match wins against tied opponents. Winners would receive $20 while Runner-ups would receive $15 from Bravous Esports. In both brackets there were six participants. 

For the PlayStation bracket the winner of the tournament who will receive $20 was gamer-tag “kevin_mcintyre” putting up an average of 59 points a game. 

The Runner-up for the PlayStation side of the tournament that will receive $15 was gamer-tag “PuertoRicoLife25” with an average of 55 points a game. 

For the Xbox side the winner of their tournament was gamer-tag “Seth Yarish” averaging 74 points a game. Averaging 59 points a game, who’s gamer-tag was “TRAPxUZI1600” became the Runner-up on the Xbox side of the tournament. The reason why the Xbox participants scored higher than the PlayStation participants were due to a player not being able to participate in the Xbox tournament which allowed each participant that played the player to advance with a win. 

Overall Bravous Esports, CAB, did an awesome job managing the tournament and seems to be possibly doing another tournament in the upcoming weeks. 

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