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Viewership Increases on Digital Platforms Due to COVID-19

Jennifer Zuniga A & E Editor

When the states went under lock down due to COVID-19 early April, 2020, there wasn’t much for any of us to do. According to Stream Elements and, the live-streaming sector grew a full 45 percent between March and April. Year over year, the industry is up by 99 percent. As technology is becoming more prevalent in our lives, we rely on it to fulfill our daily needs and wants, for instance, our phones. Without it, we won’t be able to communicate instantly with others, get updates on daily news, or even be able to see what our loved ones are up to. This would all be impossible without social media. COVID-19 made us realize that some tasks are able to get completed remotely at the comfort of our homes. 

We were able to catch up on the shows, movies, and videos that we have been dying to watch, but put aside due to our busy schedules. As no one was allowed to go anywhere, streaming platforms such as Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, YouTube, HBO, ShowTime, etc., increased their audience viewership. We instantly became adjusted to our new “norm”, and by watching movies or videos we were able to numb out what was happening around us. That meant that we could binge-watch for long periods of time.   

We even got creative when it came down to live-streaming, which also included that the majority of job companies and universities rapidly had to move online. Although we never planned for it, we had to figure out a way to adjust to life as we presently know it to be, which meant we had to explore different platforms that majority of us didn’t even know of really well (i.e. Twitch, YouTube, Zoom, Teams, WebEx). Twitch, a platform for gamers and the things we love, became the biggest live-streaming platform. It saw growth from sheer hours. It’s watched jumping 50 percent between March and April. It is currently up to 1.645 billion hours watched per month. To still make money and educate our students, during a global pandemic, companies and schools had to change their teaching styles, and learn how to go digital. We could no longer be on ground, but had to think creatively.

Digital platforms have helped us during these difficult times that we are all facing. Because of them, we have been able to get creative with our daily tasks by understanding each program for what it is worth. This even gave us the opportunity to create more remote jobs. Moving forward with our lives, digital platforms will only develop and increase viewership. Life before COVID-19 will not be remembered. 

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