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The Campus Lantern is the school newspaper at Eastern Connecticut State University. The Lantern is run by students, for students and reports on everything hppening around campus. We publish every other week. The Lantern has been in publication since 1945.

Warrior Basketball Preview

The Women’s basketball team opens up their season on Friday, where they will face Trinity College at 5:00 pm in Hartford in the first round of the Trinity College Tip-Off Tournament. The Warriors look to defend their Little East Conference (LEC) Championship title after a 77-72 win on the floor of UMass Dartmouth last season.

Tori Vega is Once Again ‘Making it Shine’ With ‘Victorious’ Added to Netflix

Here “Victorious” is, once again for fans to re-watch and share their nostalgia. On Nov. 1, Netflix added this show along with other Nickelodeon originals, such as “Sam and Cat” and “Fairly Odd Summer”, and it has fans, as well as the cast of the show, buzzing. Riley on Twitter tweeted, “now that victorious is on netflix I’m gonna start writing my tweets like tori vega posts on the slap. ‘Exam today. This SUCKS!!!!! How will I study?!? Mood: stressed.” The fans have even taken it to another level and started editing screen captures of the characters’ “The Slap” status updates. Victoria Justice, who plays Tori on the show tweeted, “‘Victorious’ was added to Netflix this week and it’s been so cool seeing you guys reminisce about when it first aired…” and added behind the scenes pictures taken during filming.

Dear Disney, Give Us More Movies Like ‘Moana’

Walt Disney Studios made some of the most magical and unforgettable stories ever told. They made iconic films like “Cinderella,” “Beauty and the Beast,” “The Jungle Book,” “The Lion King” and many more that a lot of people grew up watching. It seemed that Disney could crank out imaginative adventures nonstop. However, then they ran out of ideas.

Chartwells’ Monopoly on Food?

Chartwells is Eastern’s official food vendor. The university and Chartwells have an extensive contract, and they provide all the food on campus— from what you eat at Hurley, to the Student Center food court, to the library cafe, and even at campus events. Chartwells essentially has a monopoly on food at Eastern.

Girls in Boy Scouts: What’s the Deal?

Last year on Feb. the 1st, Boy Scouts officially allowed girls to join the organization. They changed their name from Boy Scouts to Scouts BSA. It is something that has been sitting at the back of my mind since the announcement spread, but now has come back to the forefront for a good reason: Juliette Gordon Low’s birthday.

Volunteering at the Center for Community Engagement Changed My College Experience

In high school, you are expected to complete numerous community service hours, which helps when you are applying to colleges, so the admissions office can see if you are a well-rounded student. At first, I must admit, I only did community service for college applications, but over time I grew to have a passion for it. Ever since I came to Eastern one of the things I was excited to do was get involved with community service volunteering. When I found out about the Community for Center Engagement (CCE), I was thrilled. Although I only did special events in my freshman year, this helped me get a better understanding of the Willimantic area. My first semester during my sophomore year, however, I pushed myself to do more with the CCE.

‘Elite’ Season Two Takes Over Netflix

“Elite,” the Spanish teen crime drama that hit Netflix in Oct. 2018, has been compared to some of the top twisty teen shows of the past decade. The comparisons are fair. For a show that had little pre-release marketing, it blew up on its own on social media (mostly in the Spanish- speaking world). It’s intriguing plot and characters led Netflix to renew it for a second season, which was released Sept. 6, 2019. I just finished watching this season, and this is my take on it: Americans have to open up to more international entertainment. Just watch it with subtitles.

‘Hopping Through History’: An Amazing Two Piano Multi-Media Concert

On Nov. 8 and 9, Eastern’s Music Program, in collaboration with the university’s Theatre and Visual Arts faculty members presented “Hopping Through History,” A Two Piano Multi- Media Concert. The concert featured Assistant Professor David Ballena and Professor of Music Okon Hwang as the two outstanding pianists that bring the audience through a multi-century journey of how music changed up to the twentieth century.