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Concert Tour Updates

Let’s face it, our summer days used to consist of enjoying our favorite artists live in concert, but then things changed when COVID-19 came. Concerts hold significance when it comes to enjoying a day with your friends or family while listening to songs from your favorite artist. You no longer had to lay on your bed only being able to listen to them on your music streaming platforms, but instead find yourself jamming with others who enjoyed the same artist as you.

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The Birth of an Artist with All Odds Against Her

Rupi Kaur is a 27-year-old poet who self-published her way into unlikely success. Indian born, Canadian bred, Kaur began her writing journey towards authorship as a 21-year-old college student. She would write poems and make little doodles to go with them and posted these literary works on social media platforms such as Tumblr and Instagram. As a student at the University of Waterloo, studying rhetoric and professional writing, she would attend writing workshops.

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Viewership Increases on Digital Platforms Due to COVID-19

When the states went under lock down due to COVID-19 early April, 2020, there wasn’t much for any of us to do. According to Stream Elements and, the live-streaming sector grew a full 45 percent between March and April. Year over year, the industry is up by 99 percent. As technology is becoming more prevalent in our lives, we rely on it to fulfill our daily needs and wants, for instance, our phones.

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“Love in the Time of Corona” Misses the Mark

On Aug. 22, “Freeform” premiered “Love in the Time of Corona,” a miniseries featuring four interwoven stories. Each of the characters within the four stories faces problems surrounding their love lives, all complicated by the global pandemic. Although many of the situations were relatable to viewers, many were not due to the fact each of the characters were well off and not highly impacted by the virus. It feels disrespectful to release, and profit off of, such a simple show while we are still in the midst of the pandemic. Spoilers are ahead.