Kanye West Returns with Controversial Album ‘Jesus is King’

On Oct. 25, Kanye West released his new album “Jesus is King.” Although it didn’t come out at 12 a.m. due to difficulties, the album was released before noon. He even tweeted, “To my fans / Thank you for being loyal & patient / We are specifically fixing mixes on ‘Everything We Need,’ ‘Follow God,’ & ‘Water’  / We not going to sleep until this album is out!”

Joaquin Phoenix is No Joke in ‘Joker’

The Joker. What a villain. What a concept. What a film. From the trailer release, the newest iteration of the Joker claimed a spot at the top of the trending charts. Finally, an origin story for one of the most popular villains with a most mysterious past – imagine that! “The Dark Knight” trilogy even toyed around with the fact that there was no true backstory for the Joker. As usual, with as few spoilers as possible, this storyline does so much in terms of enriching the cinematic lore of the Joker.

Artist Spotlight: Scott Laudati

New York City native Scott Laudati’s book, “Camp Winapooka,” published by Bone Machine Inc., serves as an emotional look into “the full spectrum of a human, not just the parts I want them to see,” according to Laudati.

A Review of Jay Som’s ‘Anak Ko’

Jay Som is the recording name of Melina Duterte, a bedroom pop artist based in California. Her latest album, “Anak Ko,” which means “my child” in Tagalog, continues her trend of emotionally charged lyrics over melodies and rhythms that have a way of sticking with you. The album is nine songs long and has a runtime of about 35 minutes.