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Martin Scorcese Returns to the Screen with ‘The Irishman’

If you are familiar with the acclaimed filmmaker Martin Scorsese, then you have probably heard of or seen some of his films like “Goodfellas,” “The Wolf of Wall Street,” and “The Departed.” The legendary director has also made himself famous in recent weeks with his public criticism of Marvel’s films changing the film industry. Among this, he has been around for decades and has made countless movies that match his talents with that of Steven Spielberg. Now that he is reaching old age, Scorsese has gathered some of the best actors from older critically-acclaimed movies, and has created a much more mature film that pays homage to all of the classics of the past. His newest film is “The Irishman,” and is now streaming on Netflix.

Raymonn Adams Gives Inspiring Presentation at L.E.A.P. Event

On Oct. 29, the L.E.A.P. (Learn, Explore, Achieve, Perform) leadership program hosted Raymonn Adams, former NFL player, to give a talk on how to lead yourself before you lead others. Adams is a father, author and founder and CEO of two technological companies. He was also the first one in his family to graduate college. However, he did not start from the top. When he was young, he lived in a trailer with no electricity and was frequently met with hunger pains. Adamns stated that his mom was the main motivator in his life. Her words created a strong “self-talk” for him. That is what helped him get through the hard times and it still helps him today.