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Being an Out-of-State Student

As an out-of-state student from Atlanta, GA, I didn’t know what to anticipate coming to Eastern. For the most part, I was filled with a mixed of emotions: anxious and excitement. I was anxious because I had a pile of questions still on my mind such as how was I going to adjust to the weather, who was I going to meet, would I enjoy my experience or miss my family, and how was it going to feel like living on campus.

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‘Doomsday Clock:’ A Flawed Celebration of a Medium

Sequels are risky endeavors. At times they can elevate breakout success stories that outshine the original. Other times, sequels can muddle the original works image by conveying narratives that contradict the authors intent. However, sequels are made with a message and it’s up to the masses to determine if this next chapter will bring the works to new prestige or eclipse the original piece. Such is the case with the twelve issue comic book series “Doomsday Clock,” written by Geoff Johns and illustrated by Gary Frank.

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Why Eastern’s Campus Should Remain Dry

Over the past couple of weeks, talk around campus has bustlingly with news that Housing and Residential Life will be allowing one residence hall, supposedly Nutmeg, to permit students of legal age to drink alcoholic beverages on campus next semester. Last semester, Housing and Residential Life released a survey to students to determine how many students wanted to have a residence hall on campus where students over the age of 21 can freely drink in their rooms.

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The CICD Hosts ‘Ready, Set, Graduate!’

On Feb. 12, at 4 p.m., The Center for Internships and Career Development hosted an event called Ready Set Graduate! This event was to help seniors prepare for the Career Fair that will be occurring on Apr. 1. This event was also hosted to help seniors learn more about how to obtain a job for the future and learn about potential career opportunities from around this area. One student, Avery Smith, said that she attended this event for that reason; to see what options there are for seniors like her.