Joaquin Phoenix is No Joke in ‘Joker’

The Joker. What a villain. What a concept. What a film. From the trailer release, the newest iteration of the Joker claimed a spot at the top of the trending charts. Finally, an origin story for one of the most popular villains with a most mysterious past – imagine that! “The Dark Knight” trilogy even toyed around with the fact that there was no true backstory for the Joker. As usual, with as few spoilers as possible, this storyline does so much in terms of enriching the cinematic lore of the Joker.

Eastern Pride Center Celebrates National Coming Out Day

On Friday Oct. 11, the Eastern Pride Center celebrated National Coming Out Day. This event was held as a safe space for people to talk about their coming out stories and socialize with other people in the LGBTQ+ community and its allies. They also had an option to anonymously submit their coming out stories if they did not want to share them openly with the community. The celebration also included an area for students to make friendship bracelets that corresponded with the flag that they identified with, or to just make bracelets for fun.