Eastern Alumna, Nicole Panteleakos, Promotes Debut Novel

Eastern alumna, Nicole Panteleakos, returned to campus to speak to students about her debut novel, Planet Earth is Blue. Panteleakos attended communication professor, Dr. Chibeau’s Scriptwriting and Presentation class on April 16, where she spoke to and answered student questions surrounding her experiences in the world of publishing.

The Benefits of Attending a Small University

One of the main selling points of large universities such as UConn is the exciting campus life— the dozens of restaurants, coffee shops, and dive bars draw in hundreds of students each year. Once the excitement of a new city and new surroundings has worn off, however, the difficulties of navigating such a vast campus set in. It can take months to establish a bus route to class that takes less than an hour, and just as professors are beginning to memorize some of the names of their fifty or sixty lecture students, the semester is over. While attending a large and bustling university may seem like a new and exciting adventure, in the end, settling into a routine and establishing meaningful relationships with professors and staff becomes nearly impossible.

The Convoluted Journey “To Damascus”

An appealing cafe with modern-styled interior design, mixed with war propaganda and old horror films, such as Nosferatu, projecting on the wall, opened Eastern’s Theatre Department’s rendition of August Strindberg’s “To Damascus” with a weird, ominous tone that continued to spiral from there.