Governor Lamont Hosts Panel about Workforce Education

On Wednesday Feb. 26, at 7 p.m.., Governor Ned Lamont visited Eastern along with some of his cabinet members to host a town hall meeting to discuss workforce education. Roughly 100 people including students, teachers, state activities and journalists from all over the state gathered in the Student Center Theatre to ask the governor dire questions about the state’s future in education, alongside other concerns.

MLK Distinguished Service Award Ceremony

On Feb. 26, at 3 p.m., in the Johnson Room in the library, one faculty member, one student and a graduate of Howard University, were awarded with the annual Martin Luther King Jr. Distinguished Service Award. According to the Eastern website, this award, “remembers the altruistic efforts of Dr. King, whose spirit, philosophy and teachings continue to inspire countless individuals today.”

Willimantic Programs Help Celebrate World Aids Day

On Dec. 3, from 2 p.m., to 4 p.m., Windham Aids Program, Generations, and Perception Programs, hosted an event at the Willimantic Public Library about World Aids Day. The official day is Dec. 1. This event was held to bring awareness to this day and to educate the community on what HIV/AIDS is and how it has affected people. This program also offered free testing for HIV. The test for this disease is simple. All someone has to do is get their finger pricked using a lancing device. Then, the blood is tested for HIV, which only takes 20 minutes. Stephen Feathers, one of the people who works for Perception, said that if you are sexually active, it is recommended to get tested annually.

Winter Storm Hits 30 States

The winter storm that barreled across the United States from Cedar Grove, California, where it dropped 49 inches of snow, to Ogunquit, Maine, which saw more than a foot, was finally departing on Tuesday, Dec. 3, but not before giving New England one last hit. Having come ashore from the Pacific a week ago as a “bomb cyclone,” the storm dropped at least four inches of snow in 30 states. Its mix of cold, wind, snow, sleet and rain shuttered schools, blocked hundreds of miles of highways, and delayed many flights.