New Updates to Eastern

On Aug. 26, there was a Capital Projects University meeting that summarized the major projects that were being conducted on campus such as the renovation of Goddard and more renovation that will be done throughout the semester.

Connecticut Faces Measles Outbreak

Connecticut residents are currently fighting against a curable disease. A measles outbreak began in New York City in the Orthodox Jewish communities with a number of roughly 400 cases. Since then, the outbreak has spread to Connecticut where three cases have been confirmed, with the latest being in New Haven.

Why Industrial-Organizational Psychology Will Make You Happy

Dr. Bachiochi, professor in Eastern’s Psychology Department, started the Industrial-Organizational Psychology (IO) concentration in 1998 when he first began at Eastern. He has been an active member of the Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology with a recent conference presentation at the annual meeting in Washington D.C. on Employee Resource Groups, Intent to Quit and Occupational Health Outcomes. Over 20 years later, Dr. Bachiochi is here with us to shed some light on the IO field and, in particular, IO at Eastern.

Eastern Alumna, Nicole Panteleakos, Promotes Debut Novel

Eastern alumna, Nicole Panteleakos, returned to campus to speak to students about her debut novel, Planet Earth is Blue. Panteleakos attended communication professor, Dr. Chibeau’s Scriptwriting and Presentation class on April 16, where she spoke to and answered student questions surrounding her experiences in the world of publishing.

The Crisis of the Asiatic Cheetah and its Defenders

In times of crisis, humanity should often look in on itself to examine if it will be the heroic, caring beings we so often make ourselves out to be, or if we will stand by while innocents are punished from unwarranted crimes. This is a question that has been brought up lately revolving around the conservation efforts of the Asiatic Cheetah.
In January of 2018, eight researchers from the Tehran-based Persian Wildlife Heritage Foundation (PWHF) were arrested by the Iranian government and were charged with “corruption of the Earth”, espionage, and collusion to espionage after conducting research of the native cheetah species. Since then, most of the research team has been in jail or were killed.

The Prevalence of Hazing in Colleges

Hazing is known as a form of initiation in which an individual is made to do things that can negatively affect his physical, mental, and emotional health. Hazing often starts within regular school clubs like sports groups and honor societies. It can happen within middle schools, high schools, and college universities. Although it is made illegal in more than 40 states, many incidents including physical injuries and death are still reported every year. According to the 2008 research study made by the University of Maine, more than 70% of fraternity and sorority members experienced hazing.