Tips on How to be Upstanding Customers

With the coronavirus still being highly prevalent within the U.S., despite the uplifting influence of the warmer summertime weather, many institutions are remaining closed or are having limited contact with the public for the time being. Many states across the country have now been in statewide lockdowns for over a month and for some people, the mandate to halt many business’s operations for this period has been too much to bear.

Best Ice-Cream Spots in Connecticut

Summer is approaching fast, which means it’s ice cream season. If you’re looking for a fun little adventure, consider checking out the best ice cream spots in Connecticut. Here’s a look at top sweet spots that offer outstanding and delicious flavors.

Carole Baskin Needs to Be Held Accountable

Carole Baskin is well known from the new Netflix series, “Tiger King.” The entire internet is going crazy, making memes and accusations that she killed her husband, Don and fed him to her tigers. Although, with all of this coverage no one is discussing the truth about her animal “sanctuary” Big Cat Rescue. The truth is, she is no better than Joe Exotic regarding the exploitation of exotic animals.

How People are Spreading Love During the Pandemic

Although the pandemic has created a lot of boundaries between people and how we are connecting with each other, there are still some that have taken the opportunity to spread a little love during these trying times. According to an article by Alisha Ebrahimji, who is a producer at CNN, some people are putting hearts on their windows to show their support for their neighbors, for essential workers, and many others who may be in need of some cheering up. In addition to hearts, there have been encouraging messages that people have put not only on their windows, but also their mailboxes as well.

To The Class of 2020

I want to start off by saying how sorry I am that we were robbed of what was supposed to be the greatest last two months of our undergraduate college careers. We spent our entire lives leading up to this huge milestone that we’ve been working for nonstop. Instead of celebrating, we are grieving the time stripped away from us that can never be given back.

My Capstone Project Experience (So Far)

In late December, early January, before all this craziness happened, I had to come up with an idea for my capstone project that I would be working on during the spring semester. I knew the basic guidelines of the creative project, which is the one I chose. I had to relate it to Studio Ghibli in terms of its themes or any other visual or written aspect of it. There was also an option to write a research paper based on these films as well.

How I Felt After Hearing the Cancellation of the Commencement Ceremony

When the President of Eastern announced that classes would resume online for the rest of the semester, my immediate reaction was, “What would happen with graduation?” As it turned out, in that same email, the President announced that the May commencement was also cancelled. Immediately I was met with a mixture of feelings of anger and sadness. Anger, because I spent all this time and money at Eastern, and I did not get to do the one thing I had been waiting for since January.

The Coronavirus Shifts the Direction of Movie Theatres

In most countries, the Coronavirus outbreak has impacted almost every aspect of life. Schools have closed their doors, cancelled all of their events, and are making all students take online classes from home for the rest of the semester. Many institutions and businesses have been ordered to close down until the virus is contained leaving many people unemployed for the time being. An example of a business that is in jeopardy will be movie theaters.

Being an Out-of-State Student

As an out-of-state student from Atlanta, GA, I didn’t know what to anticipate coming to Eastern. For the most part, I was filled with a mixed of emotions: anxious and excitement. I was anxious because I had a pile of questions still on my mind such as how was I going to adjust to the weather, who was I going to meet, would I enjoy my experience or miss my family, and how was it going to feel like living on campus.