The Importance of Finding a Community

I hid my relationship with the Lord for 1 year and a half when I came to college. Before coming to Eastern, one of the things I feared the most was  having to find a church and a community here on campus. I heard stories about people slipping away from their faith when they got to college, and eventually found a home in places they shouldn’t have.  I remembered my first church family back home praying that I would find a community here. At that time, I didn’t realize the importance of a community; all I really knew was that I needed a community, so I could grow my relationship with Christ.

Unpopular Opinion: The Bachelor Sucks

If you don’t know what The Bachelor is, it’s basically a reality tv show where a single bachelor starts with twenty-five romantic interests. Then, he goes on dates with all of them, and slowly starts to eliminate contestants until he chooses one of them to marry or get engaged to. There are multiple spin-offs like The Bachelorette (a girl chooses one guy out of many); also, the most recent one to happen, The Bachelor in Paradise where past contestants return to “find love” again.

A Step Towards Saving the Earth: Pasta Straws

This past summer, Connecticut joined many states in the U.S. with starting their battle against single-use plastics. On Aug. 1, the Department of Revenue Services (DRS) issued a law that required all stores to incorporate the Plastic Bag Fee of $0.10 per check out bag. Although some stores responded to this law by entirely getting rid of single-use plastic bags, others are still selling them with the fee. This law would encourage customers to stop using plastic bags and possibly lead them to use renewable alternatives, for example, paper or other reusable bags. The goal of this law is that by July 1, 2021, Connecticut would ban all outlets from using plastic bags. 

Fun Autumn Activities

Autumn is quickly approaching and there will be a host of fun activities that come with it. Here are a few that you and a group of friends can try out.

Aren’t We All “Invincible”?

“I feel invincible!”, a phrase you have probably heard or said at least once in your life. It’s a moment when you felt like you could do anything, and no obstacle would stand in your way.

Plastic Bag Ban in Connecticut

If you’re planning to go to the grocery store, make sure to grab your reusable shopping bags before heading to the store. You have two more years to perfect this new habit before plastic bags are completely banned in Connecticut. In the meantime, you’ll have to pay a 10-cent tax on every plastic bag you take home.

UROC Holds Their Annual Kickoff Event

To start of the year, University Residential Outreach Councill (UROC), held their annual event called UROC Kickoff on Friday, Sept. 13 at the Fine Arts Amphitheatre. UROC is the student-run governing body for the Residence Hall Associations (RHA) from each residence hall. The theme was carnival, so they had a variety of enjoyable activities, such as, tie dye, potato sack race, kan jam, ping-pong twerk, guess the amount, etc.; as well as, a chance to win prizes during their raffle.

Mohegan Sun’s 4th Annual Food Truck Festival

On Aug. 31 through Sept. 1, thousands of foodies, people with an ardent interest in food, gathered at Mohegan Sun, a casino and resort in Uncasville, Conn. for its fourth annual Food Truck Festival. The festival had thirty-one food trucks stationed for guests to circle, ranging from seafood to cannolis to chicken and waffle sandwiches. The first thing I tried was a cannoli, an Italian dessert. I have wanted to try one for the longest and it only cost me four dollars. It was delicious. Next, I went to a Brazilian food truck and had something not very Brazilian: a steak and cheese sandwich. It was a good sandwich, but I’m hoping that next time I will be confident enough to try something out of the ordinary.

Welcome to the Future: Robotic Employees

Shoppers may have noticed Marty, a new and very peculiar robotic worker, working at their local Stop & Shop. Earlier this year the marketplace deployed these autonomous employees to selected stores. Marty and the other robotic workers are designed to routinely roam around design, many employees and customers are displeased with the idea of a robot as the harbinger for a completely mechanized future being so close to them.

“Town Wide, Town Pride” Is Not Enough

“Town Wide, Town Pride” is an annual community clean-up event sponsored by the Center for Community Engagement that occurs every April. This year was the 11th time Eastern has hosted a community beautification event like this. I have been part of “Town Wide, Town Pride” for the past three years at Eastern, and this year I was able to help clean-up a local Willimantic resident’s yard by raking leaves. I was also able to help clean-up efforts at a local Walmart, where trash had been building up in the parking lot.