How to Handle Midterm Stress

It’s that time of the semester again, midterms! That joyous time of the semester where everyone seems to drag themselves to class or to not even bother going. Whether or not you have had any midterms yet, it is important to know ways that you can handle the inevitable stress that comes with them. Here is a list of five ways to handle midterm stress:

Spring Break in New England

Although it would be nice to fly to the Bahamas or Florida for Spring Break, not everyone has that luxury. The good news is you don’t have to travel far to find a local getaway. While the weather is not always so nice, there is an advantage to living in New England. There are a lot of great cities and places condensed in this area. You also end up saving money because you’re not dropping hundreds on a trip to Miami or Orlando. Here are some places I think would make great getaways from the everyday sights of this campus or your hometown.

Living On Campus Rocks

I have heard more than once from students that living on campus is experience. Although that is a valid point, I have also come to acknowledge that it amazing to stay on campus. You may ask, “why?” When you look at it, there is so much freedom in being away from home. They include the following: classes are closer, you will get the chance to get involved with the different clubs and organizations that the university offers, the resources offered by the university are more accessible, you will be able to network, and the events planned by the different clubs and organizations on campus are amazing.

Dear College Students, Start Taking Care of Yourself

College students, it is time to start taking care of yourself. I know life can get busy for you. You have deadlines to meet. You might have a job, be in a relationship, or even be involved with clubs and organizations. It’s difficult to try to manage it all, but your health is important. Neglecting to take of your well-being can suffer in the long run. You need to start taking care of yourself now. It is not too late. Plus, you only have one body for the rest of your life, so why wouldn’t you want to take care of it?

The Things I Like About Winter

Although my favorite season is fall, there are some things that I love about winter. As an out-of-state student from Atlanta, GA, I never had to worry as much as I do with Connecticut’s cold weather, especially during the wintertime. Being here for three years now, I have realized that the cold weather does have its perks.

Having An Opinion Matters

When I was growing up, I sometimes felt that I didn’t get to voice my opinion on things. That was mainly because of having two sisters the same age as me. They would sometimes want to do the same things as each other, as opposed to me who wanted to do something different.

Why Eastern’s Campus Should Remain Dry

Over the past couple of weeks, talk around campus has bustlingly with news that Housing and Residential Life will be allowing one residence hall, supposedly Nutmeg, to permit students of legal age to drink alcoholic beverages on campus next semester. Last semester, Housing and Residential Life released a survey to students to determine how many students wanted to have a residence hall on campus where students over the age of 21 can freely drink in their rooms.