Spike Lee Feuds with Knicks Owner James Dolan

Monday night’s matchup between the Houston Rockets and the New York Knicks at Madison Square Garden featured a battle between two of the NBA’s biggest personalities. However, the showdown didn’t take place on the ninety-four feet of hardwood which has been the center stage for New York basketball over the past fifty-two years. Rather, the conflict ensued at the employee entrance to the arena between Knicks super fan Spike Lee and the infamous owner of the franchise James Dolan.

Kansas City Chiefs Honored After Superbowl Victory

The 49ers then tied the game by scoring another touchdown. After a halftime show featuring Shakira and Jennifer Lopez, the game picked back up when San Francisco kicked another field goal and scored a touchdown in the third quarter. San Francisco was winning with 20 points while Kansas City only had 10, until they scored another touchdown, and just barely scored another with only 3 minutes left on the clock. With only a minute left, the Chief’s ended up scoring another touchdown, and kicked a final field goal, bringing their score up to 31.

World Mourns Loss of Kobe Bryant and 8 Others in Fatal Crash

After canceling a game to allow the players time to grieve, the Lakers held a memorial honoring Bryant on Jan. 31 prior to their game against the Portland Trail Blazers. The Laker players wore Kobe jerseys with the No. 24, shed tears, and consoled each other, remembering their friend and inspiration. Lebron James, who has been with the Lakers 19 months, did his best to commemorate Bryant for his lifetime hard work and addressed the Laker nation with heartfelt, healing words. “As I look around this arena, we’re all grieving,” James said. “We’re all hurt. We’re all heartbroken. But when we’re going through things like this, the best thing you can do is lean on the shoulders of your family.” Since the day of Bryant’s death, citizens of Los Angeles gathered out of the Staples stadium, creating makeshift shrines with candles, flowers, and balloons.

The Year of the Black QB: African American Signal Callers are Changing the Game

This NFL season is winding down and teams already have their eyes toward postseason seeding. This year has given us so many storylines, good and bad alike, that have made this season memorable. One storyline that has flown under the radar is that we are witnessing the shattering of stereotypes right in front of our eyes. The Undefeated coined the phrase “The Year of the Black Quarterback” to explain the reimagining of what a franchise quarterback looks like. This isn’t the first year that a Black quarterback has been successful, Cam Newton and Patrick have both won league MVP this decade, and QBs like Michael Vick, Randall Cunningham, and Warren Moon were all great in their respective eras. The reason why this year has been so important is because we have never seen this many Black QBs positioned as the face of franchises before, as of this season there are about five: Wilson, Mahomes, Jackson, Prescott, Watson.

Warrior Basketball Preview

The Women’s basketball team opens up their season on Friday, where they will face Trinity College at 5:00 pm in Hartford in the first round of the Trinity College Tip-Off Tournament. The Warriors look to defend their Little East Conference (LEC) Championship title after a 77-72 win on the floor of UMass Dartmouth last season.

Simone Biles Makes her Case to be America’s Best Athlete

It’s no surprise that Simone Biles continues to outdo herself every competition. On Oct. 13, 2019, she won her 25th world championship medal in Stuttgart, Germany. She scored 15.399 in the vault, 15.066 on the beam, and 15.133 points on the floor (which landed her the title of first place). This officially earned her the title of the most decorated female gymnast in the world. She currently surpassed Belarusian, Vitaly Scherbo, who earned his 23 medals at the world championship during the 1990s.