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Editorial Board

Editor-in-Chief: Elena Sorrentino

IMG_8094Elena is a senior double major in English and new media studies with a writing minor. She has previously held positions on the Lantern as a Staff Writer, the Opinion Editor, and the Managing Editor. When she’s not working on the paper, she spends a lot of time writing feminist critiques of the Lord of the Rings. However, outside of academic work she enjoys cooking and reading sci-fi and fantasy novels. If you haven’t already, she would highly recommend trying to make Sweet Potato gnocchi, as it is a life changing experience.

Managing Editor: Vincent Knox

index Vincent Knox is a Junior/Senior at Eastern Connecticut State University. He is a General Studies major with a major concentration in New Media Studies and a minor concentration in Social Sciences. He enjoys music, poetry, video games, and soccer. He was the Arts &Entertainment Editor of the Campus Lantern for two years and is now the Managing Editor. He hopes you enjoy the paper. 😉

Advertising Manager: Jennifer Zuniga

IMG_4404(1)Jennifer Zuniga is a sophomore at Eastern Connecticut State University and currently working towards a bachelor’s degree in New Media Studies and English. She wants to pursue a career in the writing field; either in the book, newspaper, blog, or movie industry. Not only is Jennifer passionate about writing, but she’s passionate about film making, photography, taking care of children, volunteering, and listening to music. She lives every day with the desire to express herself using creative outlets.

News Editor: Rebekah Brancato

20181009_180735_1Becky is a senior Business Information Systems major with a minor in Healthcare Informatics. After graduation, she hopes to go into the field of healthcare IT. However, she has always enjoyed writing, which led her to join The Campus Lantern her freshman year.

 In her free time, Becky enjoys playing and collecting video games, watching anime, drawing, and reading.

Arts and Entertainment Editor: Robin Blassberg


Robin Blassberg is a sophomore from Danbury, Connecticut. She is majoring in Communications with a minor in Criminology. After graduation, she hopes to find a career in journalism in either the news or arts and entertainment. Poetry, finding fun things to cook with her boyfriend, listening to music, enjoying nature, reading books and speaking to her cats even though they don’t understand her take up most of her time aside from trying to make her friends laugh with dumb jokes. She is very excited to be working as an editor with the Campus Lantern as a stepping stone to her career!

Opinion Editor: Fiorella Beccaglia


Fiorella is a sophomore from Greenwich, CT, studying Political Science and Communication. She was born in Spain, but moved to the United States when she was 14 years old and has loved it ever since. On campus, Fiorella is part of various clubs and organizations. She is involved in Student Government, the Pre-Law society, and she is also a peer mentor for first year students. When she does not have her nose buried in her articles, she enjoys hanging out with her friends and discussing politics.

Sports Editor: Marquist Parker

 fileMarquist is the sports editor for the Campus Lantern. He is a fourth year Communication major with a minor in Sports Management. He hopes to go into sports journalism after graduation.

Staff Writers

Our staff writers are dedicated club members who regularly write articles for The Campus Lantern and attend our weekly club meetings on Wednesdays at 3 p.m.

Contributing Writers

Writers are credited as contributing writers if they submit articles just once or very irregularly and do not attend club meetings. Any student at Eastern is free to submit unsolicited articles to the Campus Lantern!

Congrats to Brooke Cochrane (Opinion Editor from fall 2017 – fall 2018) for graduating!!

Campus Lantern’s editorial staff in Spring 2017. From right to left: Vincent Knox (A&E Editor), Rebekah Brancato (News Editor), Evan Ortiz (Managing Editor), Christy Allyn (Editor-in-Chief), Jackie Pihonak (Advertising Manager), Elena Sorrentino (Opinion Editor), and Marquist Parker (Sports Editor).