Aaron Hostettler

Martin Scorcese Returns to the Screen with ‘The Irishman’

If you are familiar with the acclaimed filmmaker Martin Scorsese, then you have probably heard of or seen some of his films like “Goodfellas,” “The Wolf of Wall Street,” and “The Departed.” The legendary director has also made himself famous in recent weeks with his public criticism of Marvel’s films changing the film industry. Among this, he has been around for decades and has made countless movies that match his talents with that of Steven Spielberg. Now that he is reaching old age, Scorsese has gathered some of the best actors from older critically-acclaimed movies, and has created a much more mature film that pays homage to all of the classics of the past. His newest film is “The Irishman,” and is now streaming on Netflix.

Eliud Kipchoge Runs His Way Into History

On Oct. 12, 2019, in Vienna, Austria, the famous Kenyan runner Eluid Kipchoge made an incredible mark on human history by becoming the first man to run a full marathon in under two hours. This is a feat that runners have been trying to accomplish for years, and  now, someone has  finally achieved it. 

Eastern Hosts Holocaust Survivor Marion Blumenthal Lazan

On  Sept. 18. Eastern was proud to host guest speaker Marion Blumenthal Lazan. Marion is a survivor of the tragic events of the holocaust that occurred during the second World War, and has come to share her experiences and fascinating life story to the students of Eastern. The accounts of her own experiences depict an inspiring story of hope and determination that needs to be recognized for years to come.

Pennywise is Back in “It: Chapter Two”

The second part of the story that began with the hit 2017 film “It” is finally here. “It: Chapter Two” is the new horror film that is based on the famous book by the legendary author, Stephen King. This film delivers even more creepy scares and disturbing scenes than were present in the first film, and ultimately brings the story to an end.

Cross-Country Results

The Eastern Connecticut State University’s Cross-Country team had an outstanding performance in their first meet of the 2019 Winter season on Autg. 31, at Keane State  College in New Hampshire.