Aline Silva

‘Sex Education’ Season 2 Review

Despite his personal issues, he has a keen ability of offering sexual and romantic advice to his peers thanks to his therapist mother. Otis partners up with a classmate, Maeve Wiley, to open up a sex clinic in school and make money by giving advice to their peers, so it is not surprising that chaos ensues.

Tori Vega is Once Again ‘Making it Shine’ With ‘Victorious’ Added to Netflix

Here “Victorious” is, once again for fans to re-watch and share their nostalgia. On Nov. 1, Netflix added this show along with other Nickelodeon originals, such as “Sam and Cat” and “Fairly Odd Summer”, and it has fans, as well as the cast of the show, buzzing. Riley on Twitter tweeted, “now that victorious is on netflix I’m gonna start writing my tweets like tori vega posts on the slap. ‘Exam today. This SUCKS!!!!! How will I study?!? Mood: stressed.” The fans have even taken it to another level and started editing screen captures of the characters’ “The Slap” status updates. Victoria Justice, who plays Tori on the show tweeted, “‘Victorious’ was added to Netflix this week and it’s been so cool seeing you guys reminisce about when it first aired…” and added behind the scenes pictures taken during filming.

The End of an Era Has Arrived With “Avengers: Endgame”

132 characters. 21 movies. One cinematic universe. On April 26, Earth’s Mightiest Heroes gear up for one more fight in “Avengers: Endgame.”

The next “Avengers” installment is 11 years in the making. Dating back to “Iron Man” in 2008, Marvel has been rapidly pushing out movies to conduct a narrative that leads into this next entry. They have coined this is as the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) and each movie has its own place on the timeline, holding details that are relevant to understand what is about to take place.