Eric Warner

Staff Writer

‘Hopping Through History’: An Amazing Two Piano Multi-Media Concert

On Nov. 8 and 9, Eastern’s Music Program, in collaboration with the university’s Theatre and Visual Arts faculty members presented “Hopping Through History,” A Two Piano Multi- Media Concert. The concert featured Assistant Professor David Ballena and Professor of Music Okon Hwang as the two outstanding pianists that bring the audience through a multi-century journey of how music changed up to the twentieth century.

Eastern Students Celebrate Halloween

Spooky season is here. With Eastern Connecticut State University being such a diverse campus, here are some ways people celebrate the end of October. Since Halloween is here, I decided to ask students around on campus how they celebrate All Hallows Eve in the past and here at Eastern. I asked each student three questions: what is their favorite candy, their favorite Halloween memory, and what activities they were planning on doing this Halloween. They said the following:

Major Developments in NASA’s Artemis Program

For centuries, man has shown its capacity to go beyond the norms and make breakthroughs in analyzing and exploring the great unknown. From the mathematical concept shattering models of Nicolaus Copernicus, to determination defining achievements of Neil Armstrong, people have gone above and beyond to help humanity learn more about our solar system. These kinds of people are still appearing today, making history and inspiring others to follow their path. Throughout this month, major developments have been made in NASA’s Artemis program.

Banned Book Spotlight: ‘Saga’

Sept. 22-28 is known as Banned Books Week, an annual event wherein people and organizations around the country celebrate their freedom to read books and highlight the books that shouldn’t be banned from the public. Books are powerful things. They inspire people to do great and terrible things. Within their pages is the possibility to conceive infinite worlds and infinite possibilities. The stories they host have the power to change the world so it’s unfortunate at times when institutions ban books from the public for arguably poor reasons.

Video Games vs. Climate Change

On Sept. 23, the United Nations held the 2019 UN Climate Action Summit to hopefully persuade countries around the world to continue moving forward in combating climate change by reducing greenhouse gas emissions in the Earth’s atmosphere. While most news outlets here in the U.S. focused on what the young and inspirational climate activist, Greta Thunberg, and President Trump had to say on the matter, many did not focus on other results from this meeting. The video game industry as a whole has begun to join the fight against climate change. 

A Step Towards Saving the Earth: Pasta Straws

This past summer, Connecticut joined many states in the U.S. with starting their battle against single-use plastics. On Aug. 1, the Department of Revenue Services (DRS) issued a law that required all stores to incorporate the Plastic Bag Fee of $0.10 per check out bag. Although some stores responded to this law by entirely getting rid of single-use plastic bags, others are still selling them with the fee. This law would encourage customers to stop using plastic bags and possibly lead them to use renewable alternatives, for example, paper or other reusable bags. The goal of this law is that by July 1, 2021, Connecticut would ban all outlets from using plastic bags. 

A Spectacular Masterpiece: ‘Spider-Man Life Story’

On Aug. 28, the final issue of the six-issue miniseries, “Spider-Man: Life Story” by Chip Zdarsky and artist Mark Bagley was released. The comic is another fantastic take on the amazing web slinger from Marvel Comics but in this story, readers will see not just one time period of Peter Parker’s life but all 57 years of the character’s existence. Most comic book characters don’t actually age within their stories. For example, despite Superman being created in 1939, readers will still see the Man of Steel depicted as roughly a 30-year-old man in comics today; the same is true for many Marvel characters. This story looks at the Spider-Man character and asks how would his groundbreaking stories act out if he aged like many of his original readers did throughout the latter half of the 20th century and into the beginning of the 21st.