DIY Halloween Costume Ideas

Halloween is a holiday that most people look forward to. During this time, people watch scary movies, binge-watch a season of “American Horror Story”, carve pumpkins, go bobbing for apples, hit up a hayride or a haunted house, head to a party, and so much more. With Halloween being weeks away, you are probably stressing about what your costume is going to be. Let’s face it, as college students, we probably can’t afford to purchase an outfit that we are only going to use only once. After some research, I’ve found 10 inexpensive ideas that will require of you to DIY your costume. I hope you are inspired to try one of them out. If not, you can always do some research yourself.

You Are Beautiful

It’ s so easy to compare yourself to someone. You start to criticize yourself for not looking the same way, which builds up insecurities. As you scroll through Instagram, you might begin to notice everything that you don’t have. Maybe you should lose or gain weight, cut your hair or grow your hair, start wearing makeup more often, etc. I get it. We have all been there. It doesn’t help when society yells at you for not looking the way it wants you to look like. The longer we pay attention to society, the longer we deprive ourselves of our uniqueness.

The Importance of Finding a Community

I hid my relationship with the Lord for 1 year and a half when I came to college. Before coming to Eastern, one of the things I feared the most was  having to find a church and a community here on campus. I heard stories about people slipping away from their faith when they got to college, and eventually found a home in places they shouldn’t have.  I remembered my first church family back home praying that I would find a community here. At that time, I didn’t realize the importance of a community; all I really knew was that I needed a community, so I could grow my relationship with Christ.

UROC Holds Their Annual Kickoff Event

To start of the year, University Residential Outreach Councill (UROC), held their annual event called UROC Kickoff on Friday, Sept. 13 at the Fine Arts Amphitheatre. UROC is the student-run governing body for the Residence Hall Associations (RHA) from each residence hall. The theme was carnival, so they had a variety of enjoyable activities, such as, tie dye, potato sack race, kan jam, ping-pong twerk, guess the amount, etc.; as well as, a chance to win prizes during their raffle.

New Music Releases of the Week

Jennifer Zuniga   Advertising Manager On the week of Feb. 18-25, 2019, many artists released new music, including Kehlani, John Mayer, Pink, and Julia Jacklin. Kehlani and Julia Jacklin released albums, while John Mayer and Pink released singles. New, good music Read More …