Johana Vazquez

She is the Advertising Manager starting fall 2019.

World Mourns Loss of Kobe Bryant and 8 Others in Fatal Crash

After canceling a game to allow the players time to grieve, the Lakers held a memorial honoring Bryant on Jan. 31 prior to their game against the Portland Trail Blazers. The Laker players wore Kobe jerseys with the No. 24, shed tears, and consoled each other, remembering their friend and inspiration. Lebron James, who has been with the Lakers 19 months, did his best to commemorate Bryant for his lifetime hard work and addressed the Laker nation with heartfelt, healing words. “As I look around this arena, we’re all grieving,” James said. “We’re all hurt. We’re all heartbroken. But when we’re going through things like this, the best thing you can do is lean on the shoulders of your family.” Since the day of Bryant’s death, citizens of Los Angeles gathered out of the Staples stadium, creating makeshift shrines with candles, flowers, and balloons.

Like Everyone Else, I am in Love with Baby Yoda

Who is Baby Yoda? Baby Yoda is the name fans of Star Wars gave to an unnamed character in “The Mandalorian,” a Disney+ exclusive show. Is he actually Yoda as a baby? No. He just appears to be the same species as Yoda and that is why he has been dubbed with that name. He is incredibly cute and everyone is going crazy over him, even some who have yet to see the show or care little about Star Wars. The memes you have probably seen on Twitter by now do not give the little guy justice.

A Night With Bad Bunny

CAB sold tickets to students to go see Bad Bunny in concert on Oct. 26th in Bridgeport, CT. For those of you who do not know, Bad Bunny is a huge deal in Latin Music. If you ask me, he is leading the scene in Latin Trap and reggaeton. The tickets were scheduled to be sold at seven in the morning at the Student Center. Students were already camped out by three during freezing temperatures.

Latin Fest Makes its Festive Return

Every year the Organization for Latin American Students (O.L.A.S.) puts on an event called Latin Fest to celebrate Latinx culture at Eastern an. This year the event took place on Oct. 24, in the Student Center. The event showcased different Latinx countries with food, displayed information about them, activities, and traditional dances. The event served as a space to allow the Latinx community to be proud of who they are.

A Piece of Willimantic: A Cupcake for Later

In the past, I have reviewed restaurants in the Willimantic area. This time I chose to review A Cupcake for Later, the dessert shop on Main Street., and talk with the owner. I love cupcakes, but you have to admit that not all of them taste the same. I went so I could try a cupcake with a friend. There were so many flavors to choose from: chocolate-covered strawberries, pumpkin caps, lemon creme, and more. If you know me, you know I’m indecisive so it was a hard choice. It finally came down to either dark chocolate Mississippi or Hot chocolate. I ended up choosing hot chocolateand so did my friend.

Give Thrifting a Chance

Thrifting, or buying second-hand clothing, is a cheaper and more sustainable alternative to buying newly made retail clothes. Sustainability is the new fashion. As more and more people are becoming eco-conscious, thrifting has become a new trend. I remember a time when there was a stigma around thrifting as if it was only for the lower class. No one wanted to wear hand-me-downs. I admit I was even against it until a couple of years ago. My mindset changed when there were so many reasons to NOT hate thrifting. It’s good for the earth and your pocket! Fashion is one of the most polluting industries in the world. CO2 emissions, the tons of water use, and textile waste all play a role in the fast-paced industry’s effect on the environment. You’re giving clothes a second-chance from being thrown in a landfill. The average person can save hundreds a year by buying second-hand and consignment stores rather than retail. As a college student, looking cute on a budget is the move.

Unpopular Opinion: The Bachelor Sucks

If you don’t know what The Bachelor is, it’s basically a reality tv show where a single bachelor starts with twenty-five romantic interests. Then, he goes on dates with all of them, and slowly starts to eliminate contestants until he chooses one of them to marry or get engaged to. There are multiple spin-offs like The Bachelorette (a girl chooses one guy out of many); also, the most recent one to happen, The Bachelor in Paradise where past contestants return to “find love” again.

Mohegan Sun’s 4th Annual Food Truck Festival

On Aug. 31 through Sept. 1, thousands of foodies, people with an ardent interest in food, gathered at Mohegan Sun, a casino and resort in Uncasville, Conn. for its fourth annual Food Truck Festival. The festival had thirty-one food trucks stationed for guests to circle, ranging from seafood to cannolis to chicken and waffle sandwiches. The first thing I tried was a cannoli, an Italian dessert. I have wanted to try one for the longest and it only cost me four dollars. It was delicious. Next, I went to a Brazilian food truck and had something not very Brazilian: a steak and cheese sandwich. It was a good sandwich, but I’m hoping that next time I will be confident enough to try something out of the ordinary.

Exploring the Greener Side of New York City

I recently went to the United Nations trip to New York City (NYC) on Sunday, April 14, 2019, and I realized that there is more to NYC than the city attractions. NYC has beautiful tucked away green scenery in its various corners that really come to life in the spring and into the summer. The United Nations is in the Tudor City area of New York; it is just to the right of Manhattan, the heart of the city.