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Marquist Parker has been the Sports Editor since fall 2016.

The Year of the Black QB: African American Signal Callers are Changing the Game

This NFL season is winding down and teams already have their eyes toward postseason seeding. This year has given us so many storylines, good and bad alike, that have made this season memorable. One storyline that has flown under the radar is that we are witnessing the shattering of stereotypes right in front of our eyes. The Undefeated coined the phrase “The Year of the Black Quarterback” to explain the reimagining of what a franchise quarterback looks like. This isn’t the first year that a Black quarterback has been successful, Cam Newton and Patrick have both won league MVP this decade, and QBs like Michael Vick, Randall Cunningham, and Warren Moon were all great in their respective eras. The reason why this year has been so important is because we have never seen this many Black QBs positioned as the face of franchises before, as of this season there are about five: Wilson, Mahomes, Jackson, Prescott, Watson.

Boston Celtics Preview:Tatum and Brown Look Ready to Lead Team

A year ago, the Boston Celtics were the clear favorite to win the Eastern Conference. After a disappointing season, an ugly exit in the playoffs, and the departures of two of their three highest-paid players, the Celtics are seemingly back in the middle of the East playoff picture. But last season’s Celtics were certainly a lesson in how success in the NBA is about a lot more than a talented roster. This season’s Celtics could tell us just as much about team chemistry and the whole being greater or less than the sum of its parts. The Boston Celtics had what many would call an up-and-down offseason.  Veteran all-stars Al Horford and Kyrie Irving left the team, and they were replaced by all-star guard Kemba Walker and journeyman center Enes Kanter.  With a new season comes new storylines, here are the biggest stories ahead of the NBA season opener.

NFL Power Rankings: Patriots’ Defense has Team Thinking Super Bowl

The NFL season is starting to heat up as we head into week 5.  While some teams have already separated themselves from that pack, other teams have looked to already be playing for draft picks.  Now that a quarter of the NFL season has been played, its easy to see that the Patriots and Chiefs have been a level above the rest of league, and look to be on a crash course for a meeting in the AFC Championship Game. Let’s look at who sits atop the league with the Campus Lantern’s NFL Power Rankings:

NFL Games to Watch in Week 3: Ravens vs Chiefs Headline Sunday

The NFL season is in full swing as we head into week 3.  While some teams came into the new season ready to win games, others have looked out of sorts in the early part of the season.  If a season could have a “theme” in week 3, it would be injuries.  Multiple starting quarterbacks will be out this week and for the foreseeable future, leaving the teams to scramble to find a suitable replacement.  Week 3 has some intriguing matchups, let’s delve into some of the best.

This Day In Sports History

On Sept. 19, 1947 Jackie Robinson was named the Rookie of the Year for the season.  Jackie Robinson engineered the integration of professional sports in America by breaking the color barrier in baseball.

This Day in Sports History: May 2

On May 2, 1999 NFL legend John Elway announced his retirement from football.  Elway impressed fans in the NFL with his throwing precision, cool leadership, and rushing ability. In his rookie year he led the Broncos to the franchise’s fourth play-off appearance in its 24-year history. While Elway rarely led the league in individual statistical categories, he was noted for his consistent production and his ability to rally his team to victory in the late stages of games. The most famous of his comebacks came in the 1986 American Football Conference (AFC) championship game against the Cleveland Browns when he led the Broncos on a 98-yard drive to score the tying touchdown in the game’s final seconds. The Broncos won the game in overtime to advance to the Super Bowl, and Elway’s feat became known as “the Drive.”

This Day in Sports History: April 18

On April 18, 1966 NBA hall of famer Bill Russell was named the first African American coach in NBA history. Bill Russell was the cornerstone of the Boston Celtics’ dynasty of the 1960s, an uncanny shot blocker who revolutionized NBA defensive concepts. A five-time NBA Most Valuable Player and a 12-time All-Star, the angular center amassed 21,620 career rebounds, an average of 22.5 per game and led the league in rebounding four times. He had 51 boards in one game, 49 in two others and a dozen consecutive seasons of 1,000 or more rebounds.