Cursive Writing Deserves a Comeback

I was ecstatic when I found out about the growing policy on cursive writing in approximately 24 states in the country. Schools are beginning to implement the cursive writing style in their classrooms, teaching children as early as the elementary level.
I was always interested in writing with this style. For me, it is an art of expression and identity; handwriting can show one’s own uniqueness. Since I was a child, I would always practice cursive writing, expressing ideas or copying quotes from books until my hand would get tired. Whenever I write in cursive, the sentences that I create seem more raw and rich with emotion and meaning; they become a part of me.

The Prevalence of Hazing in Colleges

Hazing is known as a form of initiation in which an individual is made to do things that can negatively affect his physical, mental, and emotional health. Hazing often starts within regular school clubs like sports groups and honor societies. It can happen within middle schools, high schools, and college universities. Although it is made illegal in more than 40 states, many incidents including physical injuries and death are still reported every year. According to the 2008 research study made by the University of Maine, more than 70% of fraternity and sorority members experienced hazing.