Taylor Swift is Back with “Me!”

On April 26, Taylor Swift released her lead single, “Me!” from her upcoming seventh studio album featuring Brendon Urie.

The song was highly anticipated by fans due to Swift’s promotion. Her website featured a countdown to April 26, on April 13, leaving fans speculating new music was on the horizon. A mural of a butterfly was painted by Kelsey Montague, a street artist, which various news outlets reported had connections to new music from Swift. On April 25, crowds of her adoring fans gathered as Montague emblazoned the word, “Me!” atop, where Swift appeared and revealed that the butterfly was a part of the countdown. In an interview with Robin Roberts, she confirmed the name of the single, as well as the fact Urie, lead singer of Panic! At the Disco, is featured on it.

Tame Impala Test Our “Patience” with Return to the Music Scene

On April 12, Australian music project Tame Impala released “Borderline,” their second single in the past few weeks, spearheading their arrival back to the music scene.
Tame Impala, who is Kevin Parker, the writer, recorder, performer, and producer of the music, has not had a release since the summer of 2015 with “Currents.”